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Old Comments:

2011-04-04 09:43:55
Mrs. Palin herself is comical. John Cleese compared her to a character they might have created for Monty Python: she's like a parody of her own self. What's frightening is that there are so many people in the US who take her seriously.
2011-04-04 07:39:25
There is nothing funny about Sarah Palin. She and her beliefs are actually frightening.
2011-04-04 07:17:25
Sarah Palin is a joke. She's even funnier than Micheal Palin.
2011-04-04 02:15:36
Ms Tymoshenko is an amazing woman! She is also beautiful.
2010-03-25 11:13:37
Ms. Palin would not have been able to enter most European universities much less get a degree.
2010-03-25 11:11:00
Not just hotter, And by far smarter
2008-11-30 20:20:19
True...not in the same league...or even anywhere close..
2008-11-30 13:00:20
Ms Palin is not an "intellectual" anything, patito.
2008-11-30 10:14:30
Her name is Yulia Tymoshenko... an honors engineering graduate and sucessful executive before entering politics...Ms Palin is a hottie, no doubt, but an intellectual light-weight compared to this woman..
2008-11-30 05:00:31
she is beautiful. does she actually say anything intelligent? i'm not familiar. Palin was a lesson about MILFs trying to be politicians so i will pray for you Ukraine.
2008-11-29 19:53:18
She is the best woman-politic, IMHO off-course :) I love her ^^
2008-11-11 08:42:35
Hotter than Sarah Palin??? Give me a break. You know better.
2008-11-11 08:20:27
..the only thing you ever did was your laundry..and then not very often...
2008-11-11 07:24:05
I did her. Twice!