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2010-12-13 20:10:11
come on with the village - day
2010-12-11 00:35:38
Thank you Happy Jack and I hope that we get a lot of particpants...
2010-12-10 17:43:30
Hello Coy, a very good choice for the next 'race' theme. I am looking forward to participating, it should be quite interesting.
2010-12-09 13:19:13
You are very welcome, Coy. I think small towns and villages are excellent topics for the next theme race. I look forward to seeing the different pictures being posted then. I may have to put some posts here of them on Sunday (my time) as I will be having awnings installed on all of my windows in the flat and I will be busy with that then. Please take care, Coy... :)
2010-12-09 11:39:32
Thank you PictureGirl for your kind words.I will accept the nomination. I like small towns and/or villages. So I choose small towns and/or villages located in well defined valleys or at high elevations, if that is ok with everyone. We can start it next Monday, December the 13, 2010. Looking forward to it. Thanks again...
2010-12-08 18:12:59
Dear Coy, I believe that it is the duty of the person who holds the current honour of choosing the last theme to hand the baton over to the next chosen poster to nominate a theme for the next race. I would like to nominate you for that honour next time, as your posts really have been quite beautiful. So Coy, I hand the baton over to you. Many thanks for the photos you posted. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday. Please take care... :) PictureGirl.... (Mary)..
2010-12-08 00:32:44
Thanks poppy.I agree with all the adjectives that you mentioned. I really liked it when I first saw it...
2010-12-07 21:49:18
Most likely the winner of this race. It's charming, delightful, simple and natural... has a genuine country feel to it. ;-)