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Posted By:pagi

Old Comments:

2009-01-31 00:37:46
Well, Abe..whatever Obama is, was, or may become, he's an enormous improvement over what we've had for the past eight years... Willie Nelson, Ronald McDonald, or Rex the Wonder Horse would have been an improvement over Georgie Boy..personally,if I'd supported a party whose economic policies were responsible for the sorry mess we're in right now I think I'd be a little more humble..and if Obama and his crew are capable of damage control and getting us back into some semblance of a healthy economy, are all you naysayers going to have the courage to step up and admit you were wrong about him? I doubt it..none of you seem to be willing to admit you made a poor choice eight years ago...
2009-01-31 00:14:40
Awesome! It is a little early for most to see this but the scales will soon be lifted from their eyes.