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Old Comments:

2010-08-17 14:29:43
But that is, a (praying) mantis. so there must be something holy about that holly, :)
2010-08-17 11:30:34
Ye full of blarney Father Flannagan ;-) The Holy Father Himself blessed the wee little berries, and He noted that the holly thorns were like Jesus' crown of thorn. So, in his wisdom, he deemed that holly bushes be forever known as Holy Bushes. I hear the widow Mrs. O'Brien have been to your confessional twice this past week. It's no wonder, she be visiting Mr. O'Foole at his pub regularly while his poor long suffering Mrs is abed awaiting their 11th blessing. Your most devoted servant, Mrs. Charlotte O'Brien
2010-08-17 10:01:17
I think the caption should have read 'holly', not holy....
2010-08-17 09:45:48
An inspirational photo, my child. Were these bushes blessed by the Holy Father, or are they on Consecrated Ground ?