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Posted By:BellCurve

Old Comments:

2009-02-24 20:14:26
But forgot the part about how them mean ol' Lib-ruls, when the ain't spittin' on soldiers or burnin' flags, kidnap little blonde-haired Christian children and sacrifice them to the Devil, then drink their blood under the full moon at midnight !
2009-02-24 10:47:50
Good to see you again Ted08. It's been awhile.
2009-02-24 10:32:42
It never ceases to amaze me how such pictures piss-off the liberals. The dope-smoking, fetus-killing, American-hating, ALCU-loving, flag-burning, soldier-spitting, race-bating, communist-sympathizing, terrorist-abetting liberals.
2008-08-14 07:05:34
You are so full of shit! popolov's comment was only on the superficiality of praying for protection and help in murdering helpless people. You dragged in a whole pile of bullshit . . . arguing what? Just spewing bullshit doesn't make it true. "In God's image?" Just what the hell does that mean? The illiterate that thought up the phrase hundreds of years ago meant that "God" was just like us, only . . . well, bigger. With what we (well, some of us) now know of the universe does that make any sense at all?
2008-07-12 21:13:18
grow up popolov. please. for all of us.
2008-07-12 19:24:15
"So, was the Holocaust caused by Christian teachings, or atheistic teachings?" The whole point of christianity is to replace judiasm. You can condescend all you want (" some study..." I would tell how stupid that is, but making this personal won't help) the truth of the matter is that Rome went along with the holocaust, because of the obvious advantage to them. Anyway, that's NOT the point: it is religion, i.e., believing in some made up supernatural power that causes one holocaust after another. Oh yah, and one final point, calling Hitler and Stalin athiests somehow misses the point. They're much easier to understand when you see they thought of themselves as gods. Unfortunately, they managed to convince some others of that point of view as well.
2008-07-12 06:45:01
Señor, permite que el día de hoy matemos muchos niños y mujeres, que nadie se quede vivo. Permite que si capturamos a uno de ellos lo podamos torturar y que pueda confesar que es un terrorista. Señor, recuerda que estamos para establecer la democrácia y la libertad que estos estúpidos no tienen. Que el odio, que nos ha inculcado nuestros mesías Bush, siga creciendo, de tal manera, que al ver un iraquí o afgano, podamos verle con odio y listos para torturarlo y luego matarlo. Tu sabes que no nos gusta este tipo de gente, por eso queremos pedirte que nos dinero para que tengamos los recursos de mandarlos a Guantánamo y allí ellos puedas saber lo que es la democrácia y la libertad. Que cada niño y mujer desprotegida les podamos matar con nuestras armas químicas que tenemos. Gracias,
2008-07-12 06:18:55
Um, JC - actually I did mention Nazi Germany (see my first post) as an example of a regime that took atheist Nietzsche's Übermensch ("Over-man" or "Super-man") perspective and applied it politically. George Bernard Shaw's 1903 play "Man and Superman" echoes this same theme - the strong conquer and survive, the weak are subdued and die out. Hitler merely put this atheistic perspective into practice. BTW, even if Hitler was born a Catholic (I'm not one, BTW!), it makes him a Christian no more than being born in a garage makes one a car. So, was the Holocaust caused by Christian teachings, or atheistic teachings? Do some study of the history of philosophy and you should find the answer. Regardless, I agree - it was an atrocity.
2008-07-12 05:49:50
Greg: Patito said enough to close this subject down, but just one small non-rhetorical fact: Since this is a site about pictures, how about those showing the Russian Bishops blessing the "communist" troups, or the German bishops giving "holy communion" to departing troops, some, by the way, 16 years old. The simple non-rhetorical fact is that the pope in Rome would not condemn Hitler, and only came out on the allies side when Il Duce was hanging upside down from a street lamp in Milan. As for ethics without religion, all evidence, that's all, suggest that early man on the planes of Africa about 3 mil BC, got along quite ethically. They survived didn't they. Oh yah, and one more thing, funny Greg has nothing to say about the holocost--let's see how many millions was that?
2008-07-12 04:50:45
There are always going to be fascist tyrants in the world. Just please realize that which "side" they are on is completely arbitrary. Example: Hitler was born a christian and was an asshole. Which made him a christian asshole. His Religion did make justification for his actions extremely simple but at his core he was a truly despicable human being. His soul was rotten and his religion or lack thereof would not and could not have changed that.
2008-07-12 04:32:50
Patito - I failed to include the Native Americans (preferred term vs. "Indians" - my Indian friends always find that amusing) killed off largely (90% in some estimates) due to *diseases* brought by Europeans. Both my wife and my own father are 25%+ Native American. Certainly, many of the actual killings were done by deluded "Christians" believing they were correct in what they were doing. Again, this against the teachings of Christ (per your Shaw quote, not to mention a similar one by Gandhi). Your citing of "good, God-fearing Christians" is fairly obvious pejorative rhetoric. Again, to my original point - mankind has tremendous capacity towards good or to inflict pain, misery, or suffering regardless of what ideological justification they may cite. So, even though we both agree that slavery is a heinous practice, do a bit of research and see what type of people lead the abolition movement. Hint: look up William Wilberforce, Harriet Beecher Stowe or Harriet Tubman. So, you are right to point out when a Christian acts in contradiction to the words of Christ. When someone else does - what is there to hold them accountable to? The only people who aren't hypocrites are those who have no standards to begin with.
2008-07-12 03:07:26
Well, Greg, ethnologists have estimated that there were probably about 12 million Indians in North America in 1900 there were fewer than 250,000...Our ancestors, almost all of whom were good, God-fearing Christain folks, killed them off. Any idea how many Africans were brought to these shores by good, God-fearing Christian folks? How many Africans died in the slave ships during the dreaded middle passage? How many were brutalized into submission and renederd little better than beasts? And all by our good, God-fearing Christian ancestors. Who, of course, justified what they did by telling themselves it was God's will. I think it was George Bernard Shaw who said "Christianty is a good idea... too bad no one's ever tried it."
2008-07-12 01:54:29
OK, JC - I never have justified any of the wars involved. Last US primary, I voted for a candidate who was focused on getting US troops out of Iraq as quickly as possible. Your referencing World Wars 1 & 2 is totally non sequitur (there were no major religious reasons for going to war in either case). As for stats, credible sources put the number of deaths for the Crusades at ~1-1.5 Million, and the deaths from the Inquisition at ~3,000 - all inexcusable from the teachings of Christ. What about Atheistic regimes? Stalin (via the Gulag system, purposeful starvation, outright execution) disposed of ~20 Million. Mao outdid him with ~40 Million. Pol Pot, ~3 Million. My original point (see above) was that the problem is HUMANITY more than anything else. If left unchecked, we have the capacity (given the power and lack of restraint) to justify almost anything. However, if there is no transcendent design or moral law, then the whole idea of "right" and "wrong" becomes moot. If Darwin was right, then it's just the strong over-taking the weak - might makes right. Otherwise, it's just preference (as in "I prefer to live, thank you very much!"). I've used reason in my comments, you've used rhetoric. Shouting louder doesn't make an invalid idea better.
2008-07-11 23:50:35
Greg is a bit less than fresh air. Tired, old, erronious BS is closer to the truth. Just look at the world today. The latest god fad Allah is busy making havic in the world. If we live long enough it will be someone else. How about starting with the Greeks and working forward. Look at WW1 and 2. The reason Greg can pass on that nonsense is because the population is multiplying so rapidly. These people are praying to their god, while the other side (not show) is praying to their god. Any god worth his salt, would do what he can to end this or any other war. My feeling is that either god really likes war -- or he would end it--all powerful you know, or, more to the fact, god is simply a myth made up by people to justify killing others. RELIGION IS THE BANE OF MANKIND.
2008-07-11 23:22:33
Greg, you are a breath of fresh air! thank you
2008-07-11 23:10:59
Hey, Popolov - you might as well say "the superficiality of the human race." Wars will be fought whether or not religion has anything to do with it. In fact, more people perished in the 20th Century than during any time in history due to wars propagated by Atheistic regimes (via Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc.) or empires denying concepts such as Just War Theory (e.g., Nazi Germany). If you think I'm making this up, do some research of your own. Yes, things like the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition were terrible aberrations of the Christian Faith, but they represent mere drops in the bucket compared to these other atrocities. Also, bear in mind that many of these people have no true desire to wage war against anyone. It is no surprise then that they turn to God for direction and solace. You can slam what I say if you like, but the facts speak for themselves. Atheistic/God-denying regimes have killed far more people than any religion which recognizes that we are all created in God's image.
2008-07-11 22:53:25
Bah - a bunch of killers asking an imaginary friend to keep them from being killed. What a beautiful picture. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy.
2008-07-11 22:52:39
Why do people think they can just pray and God will bail them out of all the things they got themselves into? If God worked that way we wouldn't have been attacked to begin with.
2008-07-11 21:47:31
The glory, might and sheer POWER of the U.S. Army!! USA! USA! USA! Crush them all! You're next Iran!!
2008-07-11 20:47:31
The superficiality of religion! They pray before going out to slaughter innocent human beings - children, women, men and all. And in the process they destroy their homes, communities and the environment. And, they ask 'their god' for protection. What hypocrites!