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Old Comments:

2011-09-04 09:03:54
I'm such a failure!! Again? Ok - how about this Read the comment by Nerdy Birdy It'll make you want to get down and get dirty
2011-09-04 05:50:14
Sorry Shucks ..doesn't rhyme..isn't fail miserably. Again.
2011-09-04 04:56:43
Read the comment by Nerdy Birdy ! It'll make you want to throw up !
2011-09-04 04:23:47
Nobody cares who posts a photo, connie, the problem here is that when patito uploads a photo like this that he immediately uses his cheater votes to upvote them by 20 points. Then if somebody complains, he does it again and upvotes them by another 20. It matters to most people when a photo gets upvoted by 40 or more points, irregardless of who is doing it.
2011-09-04 03:44:01
Read the comment by Dubuque ! It'll make you want to puke !
2011-09-04 01:10:00
What has Big Bird to do with this?
2011-09-04 01:08:36
You are criticizing no duplication for doing exactly as you yourself do patito (=Nerdy Birdy). That is to make a statement and not backing it up.
2011-09-03 21:18:58
It doesn't matter what Tineye says. Do an archive search here for Prairie Dog and/or Prairie Dogs and you will see there is only one copy of this photo posted. But then, you may be one of those no-lifes who has commited the entire Pixdaus archives to memory and are aware of a copy of this photo with some title other than Prairie Dog. If so, perhaps you will share with us where the other copy of this photo is. If not you need to shut up and bugger off.
2011-09-03 21:08:46 says previously posted
2011-09-03 19:54:34
Who care who posted this photo - it's adorable! I sent it to my great-niece. I'm a prairie chicken, so I love those critters.
2011-09-03 15:17:48
Big Bird is a slow learner.
2011-09-03 11:26:25
You've got Patito on the brain, so it's a cinch to fool you :D
2011-09-03 11:04:18
Your reply settles all doubts, got you patito. You are really losing it old man. Getting paranoid to boot.
2011-09-03 09:49:36
Your behavior, Cedar Rapids, is even more suspect: Can I hear a large bird tweeting? :D
2011-09-03 09:06:17
Des Moines, I would like to think that you are from Iowa and welcome you to Pixdaus as a new user. However, I suspect that you are actually from Texas and are simply using "Des Moines" as your latest pseudo-name to upload photos. I actually prefer photos of prairie dogs to those of breakfasts, however, you are mistaken if you made some sort of connection between prairie dogs and Des Moines. Your photos originated quite a bit further west. Their are no prairie dogs around here. This is the corn/farm belt and the farmers would go out of their way to destroy any prairie dog villages. The quick up-vote of these photos plus the use of "Des Moines" as your user name, is very suspicious behavior.