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Old Comments:

2010-09-24 09:51:26
That will be something to look forward to, Coy. I'm going to visit that house soon and see if the lady that lives there has grown some spring flowers. I hope so.... :)
2010-09-24 00:01:17
Thank you poppy and PictureGirl. I too love wild flowers. Here in Southern Indiana in early spring the wood's floor is/are completly covered in a large variety of wild flowers. They are wonderful and next spring I am going to try and take some pictures of them, and perhaps some of them will be good enough to post...
2010-09-23 12:11:08
Me too.... :)
2010-09-23 11:49:23
I love wildflowers!
2010-09-23 08:09:16
Sorry about the prairie being spelled incorrectly.