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Old Comments:

2010-10-07 11:35:37
We've all had a good time reading these comments, but now it's time to move on...
2010-10-07 09:51:14
You are very welcome, Marigold2. I hope you will be able to find the time to email Simone about the caption soon... :)
2010-10-07 09:01:00
The 'no' is there because when you give a description of the photo, in that box before you put there what you want to describe the picture as, it has the words 'no description' in it. You must of forgotten to take out the 'no' part of the words in it. I think that giving an email to Simone and asking her to adjust that will fix taking away that 'no' part of the caption. Hope I explained that well. As you can see, I don't word things that well... :(
2010-10-07 08:02:06
I don't know why it says "no" before Prague? I hope someone can remove it.