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Old Comments:

2008-04-01 13:27:41
Well, based on the tags, I shouldn't wonder if this was Bucharest in Romania; possibly this could have been during the revolution of 1989 that overthrew Ceausescu. Also, many or most of history's revolutions started with angry crowds in the streets. You could say that it always STARTS badly for folks, but no government can stand against their populace forever. Doesn't mean I want to be in the front row for Tienneman Square, but no government is invincible. Just sayin.
2008-03-15 03:18:31
A friend of mine relayed an e-mail from one of his friends entitled "The Revolution will NOT be televised" when he was in Quito, Ecuador. He witnessed a student uprising, quoshed by the government forces. Wow! That was an exciting e-mail. Any gathering of "the people" vs "the state" is always going to end up badly (for the people), but this is a really inspiring picture - it could be the MIner's Strike in the UK, some Latin American uprising, African, student march in the US. Great picture!