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Posted By:connie

Old Comments:

2009-01-03 07:10:37
put it this way, if Pixdaus gets popular enough, say to the extent of Flickr (3 billion+), it will be impossible to be able to see and remember every photo that ever gets posted. You will get unknowing dupes as well as people reposting because they'd like to have the image in their own collection rather than as a tag. As for vote rigging, any system that has votes will be prone to rigging. You get to live with it and deal with it till it gets revised. Voting is a self serving byproduct which each person can take with a grain of salt as to how to interpret. If you want to game the system by mass flooding, most likely you'll eventually get flagged by people that know you are mass flooding and you wont get votes. Otherwise, I realize that votes are a way of showing appreciation for a good picture, but sometimes you just need to do it for the sake of doing it. Rely on the quality of your own work to draw attention. Talk about your posts in a blog and point them to your originals instead of the reposts to get votes. Quite frankly, I view the images via a feed reader so I'm never actually on this site directly to view or vote for any images. It all becomes just an appreciation of what's put on the site. Dont worry too much about what others do or what "rules" are believe to be broken. It's just a site that lets you image dump and vote. Everyone will have their own tolerances and rules about usage and behavior.
2009-01-03 05:44:04
I'm relaxed costina! I just have a low tolerance for cheaters, not the posters who duplicate not knowing they were doing so. Another beef of mine is MASSIVE uploaders. How can one REALLY look at each photo and appreciate it when there are over 25 pages to go through every 12 hours? Who's got the time for that? These massive uploaders' goal is to get a lot of votes. It seems to be an obsession with them. If you throw enough dirt, some of it will stick (or something like that).
2009-01-02 21:29:40
Connie, you have a point. However.. do relax! It's good to have nice photos here, no need to make a fuss over duplicates, innocent or not. Relax and have a happy new year!
2009-01-02 07:50:45
Ugh, Papyrus. Good God people, please stop using this font.
2009-01-01 14:06:37
People that have recently discovered pixdaus and the old-timers cannot keep track of all that was posted a long time ago. But, we can lessen duplication simply by keying a tag. An example would be if you want to post a photo of a particular bridge, you would key in 'bridge alexandre paris'. If nothing shows up because the original poster did not use these words, it's fine. It's even acceptable if that photo had been posted a long time ago. My problem is with people who post the same photo as another person within less than 15 mnts (happened to me) or even a couple of days. In those instances, they are not mistakes or oversights or whatever - it's simply cheating. People that cheat in little things like this, often cheat in bigger things. I have zero tolerance and no respect for these people. If you knew what my profession had been, you'd understand why I feel so strongly about this. Unfortunately, in my opinion, too many posters do it for the votes. They'll post a whole bunch in one day, hoping to hit the mother lode. Their motivation is to get more votes no matter what. Also, some posters fearing competition will down-vote other poster's photos. While I was still downloading some photos yesterday, I was getting -1 on all of them. I don't care about that, but it shows to what extend some people will go to get to the top of the pile. While recuperating from an accident, I accumulated approx 10,000 photos (in a previous comment I said 100 in error). Many of these are award-winning, picture of the year etc.. I hope to eventually use some of them for powerpoint with music. Yet, many times, I post photos that I know will be voted down or even banned (yet not porno), but I don't care. I post them because they might stimulate discussion under comments, educate (we can all learn something new no matter how old we are), make someone laugh, or make someone pause and think. I find that more enjoyable that looking at or just posting pretty little photos. If that is all that was on Pixdaus, I would be bored to death by now due to lack of stimulation. Beautiful photography certainly has its place. But I feel that it should, more often than not, evoke an emotion or educate or bring back memories or great composition, subject, color, or ... I wish Pixdaus would cancel the voting. Then, we could simply post what we like and/or what we think others would like to see. A great majority (99.9%) of photos are not posted by the photographers themselves. I don't think that I am stealing photos; most of them are from blogs, Photo.Net, Flick(?) and others. If I have the name of the photographer, I always use it. This gives the photographer a greater exposure as Pixdaus, I think, is fairly well known and popular.
2009-01-01 03:35:26
I think the point is being missed in a nice social sharing app like this. If I have to monitor every single image that ends up on this site, I wont have a life. It seems ridiculous to believe that what you post will be original/first unless you've taken the picture yourself. Is "credit" for posting great images to a site to share with other people THAT important to you? How about when you "steal" the image from the original source? Is there no repercussion of "cheating" in that way? Are URL links given for every image posted so that the original source, the one that actually deserves the credit for the image, gets the recognition? The important part isn't reposting of images to get credit for simply reposting. The important part is to give credit to the original source of the image so that they can get the deserving attention for producing the high quality work people love to share and repost everywhere. If that happens to be you, all the better. As a byproduct, I think it's fine to have a nice collection of images you've collected around the web for other people to enjoy and even vote up. But it need not be unique or original images only. Don't think of it as cheating, think of it as sharing.
2008-12-31 23:49:51
Don't worry post more!
2008-12-31 23:46:17
I've been observing for a long while before finally posting some pics that I HOPE have not been posted before. I can understand the difficulty for all members, especially newer ones when many pics are not tagged so therefore do not show up in any search. Anyways keep up the great posts!
2008-12-31 13:52:01
I understand what your saying and I agree... I directed my message to everyone else . and a cheat is a cheat , they have to live with them selfs and the rest of us just do what we do best , No respect for them here either , but they are always around and it doesn't pay to feed them or worry what they do ! And those who do...cheat...Every one knows !
2008-12-31 13:41:22
Hi lilly - What I'm saying in my message is that we call all make the MISTAKE of duplicating. But, people that post the same photo on the same day (even within a hour or less) or in the next couple of days are not making a mistake. It's cheating, and that is what I don't have a patience for. If people cheat in one area, they often cheat in other areas. I don't have a respect for those people.
2008-12-31 13:01:47
Connie , it is hard to keep up on every photo. so many beautiful thing to share .if a dupe what...just trying to share nice images . the poster doesn't own these images , so if a dupe happens , it happens...lets just share and if someone dupes a photo...don't get upset...just an image...which was found on the internet 95 % of the one stealing anything from a pixdaus member.lets just give the artist the credit & locations are a plus...thanks for all your findings...