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Posted By:observer

Old Comments:

2008-12-13 21:14:45
For verily I sayeth unto thee, oh Peewee my bretheren, that thy words are like unto the braying of an ass, and men shall heed thee not, and thou shouldst go forth and fuck thyself.
2008-12-13 14:01:11
listen to all you self important jagoffs. you are just as bad as the bible thumpers that you look down on.
2008-12-13 13:48:53
Profane I agree ;-)
2008-12-12 22:16:26
If a person can transcend their prejudices and read this as you'd read the Iliad, or Beowulf, there are parts of it that are actually pretty contains history, folk tales, mythology, and poetry...Note: I'm about as profane and secular as they come, but also understand that this is an important book if you want to really understand the origins and development of the modern world..
2008-12-12 12:34:34
Well the bible isn't real.
2008-12-12 02:07:28
Fortunately, Truth is not dependant upon whether or not one is in agreement with it.