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Old Comments:

2010-08-06 00:08:49
Well spotted, FBO. I didn't even notice that until you said something about it... :)
2010-08-05 23:40:13
Looks like he has a little mustache
2010-08-05 23:14:33
Thankyou so much, Gabrielle.. :)
2010-08-05 18:19:23
I love his expression - lovely picture.
2010-08-05 16:26:05
You got that right, Jujuba... :)
2010-08-05 15:49:12
Something has definitely caught his attention!
2010-08-05 15:25:13
Thankyou Poppy. I thought that too about the blue. Maybe the photographer had that thought in mind so he could take the photograph that way. I wouldn't be surprised... :)
2010-08-05 15:20:53
I like the way the blue on the collar matches the eyes... Beautiful picture, Mary!
2010-08-05 15:09:21