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Old Comments:

2008-09-29 21:17:24
LOL, Nah, haven't dabbled with the critters again. I'm kinda feeling like James Cameron after Titanic, that pic was good but I'm afraid to try another one for fear it'll suck. Of course that hasn't stopped me from posting other not so hot pics!
2008-09-29 19:03:08
Thanks, Kevin! How are you doing? Any more foxes or squirrels waiting to be unleashed on some unsuspecting picture? They're fun! ;-)
2008-09-29 17:16:12
Nice portrait.
2008-09-29 07:17:51
The system is just so slow today: when I press the vote button, I have to wait a long time for it to register. So I get fed up waiting and press it again, and it tells me I've voted already. Seems to be trouble all around. The comments open so slowly that I've been reading a book while waiting...Better call it a day. See 'ya! ;-)
2008-09-29 06:54:32
I thought so, but the vote box mysteriously disappears when I press it....Hmmm?
2008-09-29 06:24:11
Thanks, Lil! I wish other people would think so, too... :-)
2008-09-29 06:20:34
Great pictures today !