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Old Comments:

2008-11-02 06:45:04
Words of the photographer: "its a japanese maple tree in the japanese garden of portland OR, shot position will probably be the same for anyone since its along the pathway and enclosed within a low metal fence, you can't get any closer , behind or to either side of it unless you go inside the enclosure, my shot angle was from the ground using the low fence to support the camera, the low height was to get maximum vertical foliage coverage, lens was11mm wide, post-process (guilty as charged... but just a little) was done obviously :) - reduced red/orange lightcast by the red/orange foliage which made the ground/rock/foliage in front greener, this also made the furry moss on the branches popped out; a bit of channel saturation was done on magenta/green to the foliage to add contrast with red/orange; curves for overall contrast then high-pass filter sharpening and voila..."