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Description:First of all, You claim I am Bob21, then not, then his wife, or mother or ex wife. Shooting in the dark? You know better and you're not fooling me. Second, All the names above write in the same teenage puerile style, surely Bexx would be a little more educated or urbane than country boy Porky. Your use of numerous aliases shows me how much you are hiding and cheating and the only real possible reason you want me off pixdaus is that my photos threaten you in some way, points perhaps? As for name calling "stupid" that's just as juvenile as the nose picking and cheap shots and drunks and fat people and country bumpkins. Grow up Porky and get a life. As an invalid I have a reason to sit by the computer but what's your excuse? Grounded? Misappropriating someone elses name to launch cheap attacks is pretty chicken crap and you know it. Be a man, come on out if you have the nerve, quit hiding behind fake names, and let's see who you are.