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Old Comments:

2009-03-10 02:55:40
The sea and the sky are still beautiful, but the poor old Boliver Penninsula is beat up, torn up, wrecked and ruined..took the ferry over there a couple of weeks ago and most of it is still a sad, bleak place..the Corps of Engineers now are planning on filling in Rollover Pass at Gilchrist, so that little town will likely never be rebuilt and is probably now just part of history...
2009-03-10 00:12:07
The photographer words: "When I wander my own ways as I do now,...I never feel more alive than when I have the camera in my hand and I kiss the sky at dawn ! It is then that I lie beneath imaginary worlds and I listen to the light that burns the clouds and turns the sky into porcelain !..... This magnificent view of the Texas sky over the Bolivar penninsula, near Galveston,.... it is probably the most Beautiful sunrise I've ever seen !"