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Posted By:STOP.

Old Comments:

2009-08-09 06:46:49
Amen, Sister! ;-)
2009-08-09 06:43:03
The great thing about this, is that they are digging their own grave,,,while they are busy trying to make poppy look bad or whoever else they happen to pick on, they also show their own amazing ability to downvote by the hundreds..and the comments they write make no sense at all...So maybe we have to be patient, but I think they may be doing us a favor, showing pixdaus that they need to make some changes!
2009-08-09 06:33:28
Oh, just noticed that this masterpiece of STOP.'s also has 8 votes. I, of course, meant my original pic. ;-)
2009-08-09 06:30:41
I opened the comments, read them, and thought 'what rubbish' and left. But now I am back because the picture posted by STOP. raises some questions. If STOP.'s pictures of that poppy pic are in a correct sequence, then why doesn't anyone question the gigantic loss of votes from +42 to -53? That picture initially gained legit votes but the MegaCheaterDownvoter hit it into megaminus votes. Nobody commented on that. How odd: A terrorist appears and blasts this pic out of existence and that’s ok by everybody? Then someone put it back where it originally was. The terrorist came back and did it again… and so on. Finally, the Guardian Angel of Pixdaus, STOP., comes along and points out to everybody that poppy is doing something wrong. – I am targeted by terrorists and weirdoes, and my pics go down the toilet, but then I am attacked anew in this manner. Just go into my file and look at my recent pics, especially of the 27th and 29th of July. Which one of you can say that it is ok for my pics to get -100 votes? Since this morning, and it is past 10pm here now, some of my recent pics have gone down by as much as 30 votes - again. One more time round the mulberry bush: This is NOT about the votes on my pics but everything to do with the terrorist activity in general; some sick types are bent on mayhem and dirty games, and those of us who’d prefer a fair and peaceful community have to come together and stand up to those terrorists. I sincerely thank the people who have come to my defence, but I have this to say to the fence-sitters: if you do nothing, you’re as bad as the terrorists themselves. If you condone a wrong act, you are part of it through your silence or inactivity. Patito, you can leave a second-grade classroom un-attended and they would never behave in this manner. They’d have more sense. ;-) Thanks for your unfailing support. P.S. The pic currently has 8 votes.
2009-08-09 00:56:34
Did someone go away and leave a second-grade classroom un-attended?
2009-08-09 00:02:00
No no no no love is "poppy" This enemy is. poppy is very very very very clean. I like all the photos. I love every day with photos of Poppy votes Force.
2009-08-08 23:53:37
Poppy gone skiing.
2009-08-08 23:50:08
POPPY Main disappeared , Fake found
2009-08-08 23:25:10
Well Poppy, your reply ..? Suddenly deaf, blind and dumb???
2009-08-08 22:51:04
ultrasonic STOP STOP STOP!