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Old Comments:

2010-09-20 00:32:51
Emmette: How am I responding in kind? Explode is doing me great harm at present but I have not approached him at all, not with one word. Another feud between us two? What feud? He attacks me and I do nothing in return, so you call it a feud. For your information, also I enjoy this site! Instead of being attacked, I just wish to post my pics in peace! The REAL poppy
2010-09-20 00:04:56
Do you think Poppy enjoys this crap ? Do you think anyone wants another fued ? What would you do if somebody stole your identity and shit on your doorstep... tip toe around for fear you might offend them ?
2010-09-19 23:54:05
PLEASE do not respond in kind. Some of us enjoy this site and do not want another feud between you two. Thanks
2010-09-19 23:25:15
I am the REAL poppy. Explode has hacked my account and posted the 3 rose pics.