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Old Comments:

2008-05-18 23:47:51
Hey "POPOLOV" - your real name is Philip, isn't it? I claim my £5!
2008-05-18 22:25:02
You are welcome, Anne and everyone else who enjoyed the colors, the unique patterns of the clothes and the tranquility they inspire.
2008-05-18 15:53:48
Why does almost everything have to be turned into a fight? Thank you for a lovely picture, Enighel. I am going to decorate my hair with daisies and be happy.
2008-05-18 08:51:55
He is referring to me, Popolov. Since when reality means racism, Matt? I myself come from a poor country and I admit when I am told the people in my county are poor. And beautiful. By the way, statistics say: "about 73 percent of the indigenous Quechua and Aymara communities – more than 5 million people - live below the poverty line".
2008-05-18 05:23:41
Who are you referring to as a bigot Matt?
2008-05-18 04:35:29
"poor and colorful"? Could you be more bigoted?
2008-05-18 03:40:23
It says much for the Peruvian culture, living close to the earth and creating beautiful coloured clothes.
2008-05-17 21:04:59
...when you call them "poor" i wonder about you. rich college boy. (did i say that out loud?)" nope...try again! P.S. I will take your word for the poverty situation in Peru.
2008-05-17 17:27:59
I adore the daisies in their headwear.
2008-05-17 12:54:50
why do you say "poor"? i've been to Peru for a few months, i understand the Qechua situation better than you apparently. when you call them "poor" i wonder about you. rich college boy. (did i say that out loud?)