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Old Comments:

2010-06-21 17:18:58
Thankyou so much, Jujuba. So happy you like the picture.... :)
2010-06-21 14:14:41
Lovely :-)
2010-06-21 09:19:24
Thankyou to both, Nobodyisperfect. You're very kind and I think I like you too... :)
2010-06-21 04:43:10
I like your pictures, PictureGirl and I think I like you too.
2010-06-20 23:11:27
Many thanks, Coy. Yes, I love that boat of flowers too. Very colourful ! I guess that you could grow waterlilies in the water. But then again, maybe not a good idea.... :(
2010-06-20 22:56:49
CooL,,, Not much space to plant flowers in those back yards; however, someone made use of a boat...clever.. Nice find and posting P.G.
2010-06-20 22:51:42