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Old Comments:

2008-09-29 10:19:24
its must be cold
2008-06-27 13:01:09
Wake of a ship, maybe?
2008-06-27 12:39:42
forget everything--this is an incredible image jchip. i had to see it a second time to realize wow, what an image.
2008-06-27 10:12:02
i think it's pitytito or carol but who knows. but i'm trying to ignore, bc it's meaningless. i do however feel a tiny bit sorry for the Anti-Feline Contingent bc most of us love cats so it ain't gonna stop! same goes for the dogs. cats and dogs, bring them on! peace to you poppy.
2008-06-27 09:14:43
It's almost the same with cats and dogs. More so with cats here on Pixdaus, despite the Anti-Feline Contingent. Who's the Stalker who negs your comments? Talk about a hate trail...
2008-06-27 09:05:56
polar bears are kinda like penguins...they never get old.