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Posted By:humbug

Old Comments:

2010-07-06 03:15:32
I'm still amazed that this photo, after all this time, still has only 66 votes!! If it was a Poppy upload, it would have at least 266 votes by now.
2010-07-05 20:13:57
2009-05-28 15:03:14
I find the votes often do not reflect the photographers' talents or lack of. I think there is a lot of jealousy and pettiness on Pixdaus. I find it strange that I never saw these photos; I would not have forgotten. I don't think we see all the uploads. Sometimes, under 'Recently Commented' I see photos that were fairly new (based on the comments), yet I never saw them. before.
2009-05-28 11:43:35
You're right connie, but the votes don't always reflect how good the pics are here, and they don't stop us from appreciating pictures like this.
2009-05-28 11:17:03
I just came across these photos; they are fantastic. I can't believe it got such few votes!