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Posted By:vivoad

Old Comments:

2009-09-02 04:45:08
he's drinking what used to be a glacier!!
2009-08-05 18:06:30
Ok poppy, did not know that.. :0( Thanks :o)
2009-08-05 02:37:13
Wonderful picture, Vivoad! What balance! When you write the tags, please add a space after the comma, then each word (or words) will appear as a separate tag and thus be useful for tag searches. The way it now stands, you have one long tag that reads: polar bear,wild life,animals. Just put your cursor on the tags and you'll see that. If I were to do a tag search on 'polar bear', you pic would not turn up. When posting, you should have written: polar bear, wildlife, animals and then the tags would would appear like this after posting: polar bear wildlife animals and the three different tags would then be of use for tag searches.