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Old Comments:

2009-09-28 04:36:15
Don't worry, Fuzzy, I was just airing my thoughts about reposts in general, it was not about this pic as such. - Even when we take so-called new pics from sites, they may not be new because sometimes the photographers repost their own pics, too. The best pics turn up in all kinds of places, and as is the way with rumours so it is with photo captions and author names: they tend to change as the journey continues. ;-)
2009-09-28 04:10:55
Sorry Poppy - I did not remember ever seeing this one -I try not to duplicate- It gave the photographers name as Marine Jury and it was in the new section so I thought I was safe.
2009-09-28 03:19:08
If you click on the category 'squirrel' this pic is number 9 on that list. The name of the photographer is Морских Юрий1 which translates as Marine Yuriy1. This is most probably from a photo site where he mainly posts his photos, where he posted it on 22 November 2008, which is when I found it... It's been here a few times since... ANY good, old pic found on the major sites that many of us use is bound to have been here a few times already. I am not having a go at you, Fuzzy, I am just getting fed up to the teeth in general about reposts in Pixdaus. You have a VERY low duplicate record, but some posters deliberately post mainly reposts by the dozen, and quite a few post more than their share of duplicates. Duplicates happen to all of us, but to some it happens again and again and again... There are so many photosites out there, why cannot we all just look for pics that have been newly posted by the authors as opposed to delving into their old files? If you find a gem in the backfiles, chances are it's been here already.... OK, off the soapbox.