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Old Comments:

2008-02-19 10:09:37
After posting, if you don't click on the back button or reload there will not be any double entries...
2008-02-19 09:09:25
Sounds to me SB you never go anywhere... In my place where I live there are lots of scenes and attractions that are worth sharing. Same thing with my recent vacation to Russia. Many of my photos that I have taken I have shared on this site. On the other hand you seem to stay at home on your PC debasing anyone who disagrees with you. Why don't you walk around in your area where you live, take photos of cool attractions and if you travel (which you probably don't) take some photos of interesting scenes and attractions. Get a life SB...
2008-02-18 14:21:59
Nice double post. Way to prove me wrong about that whole retard thing...