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2010-06-28 00:33:58
Agree with your comment and I'm glad you understood that I meant to say, respectfully Tudor
2010-06-28 00:32:27
Agree with your comment and I'm glad you understood that I meant to say, respectfully Tudor
2010-06-28 00:28:02
Thanks for the comment sir, it will honor.!!!
2010-06-28 00:23:52
Depends,..human body posed in indecent positions,dirt, rubbish,people look to their misery,ass of people, monkeys and other animals,blood or dead,...and the list goes And last but not least the technical quality of picture
2010-06-28 00:12:34
As I said, no dignity, your comment dishonors you
2010-06-28 00:10:56
As I said, no dignity, your comment dishonors you
2010-06-28 00:07:56
Jim Peters,I agree with your views,everyone has freedom of speech,including photo.When you do it in public, must know will assume certain risks that,therefore have to choose between their dignity and pleasure to engage in things that not concern him.Unfortunately ,some dignity quit.. respectfully Tudor
2010-06-27 06:28:37
Some people don't know a poor from a great photo. But even among those who do have a sense of these things there can be differences of opinion about what is good. To me, popular choice seems a poor arbiter here. I probably share some of the feelings of those who complain. Some photos do seem poorly taken or uninteresting to me. But he subject matter, whatever it is, doesn't necessarily make a photo good or bad. Someone may feel a certain troubling or less-than-beautiful subject is ugly, while another may see the effectiveness or symmetry of the shot. At times an imperfect photo is redeemed by its subject. And a fine photo of a commonly seen "beautiful" subject may have worn out its interest for many. Some of the photos of women seem sleezy to me, while some seem great, nude or clothed. But even a mass of maggots could make a great photo, from my point of view. No one will be satisfied all the time.
2010-06-26 11:01:00
tudor, you are neither hourly or salaried i presume. living off disability? or a trust fund? lonely and craving attention? that's my guess. get away from here for a while if you are not bedridden and or disabled. you need the fresh air.
2010-06-26 09:05:20
Why don't you create a personal blog with your beautiful tractors, cheeseburgers, cups of coffee, cowboys, etc..
2010-06-26 08:29:55
And who are YOU, exactly, to be the arbiter (or the one to request) only pictures without "poor quality" or "dirty topics?" Are impressionist paintings "poor quality?" Is the human body a "dirty topic?" Go censor somewhere else! This is MY site too.
2010-06-26 06:21:40
I'd say that the endless streams of photos of swans and cute kittens and snowy mountains reflected in lakes and dreamy woodland landscapes needs to be broken from time to time, and if that means a photo of a coffee cup or a jackalope or a cheeseburger or an old tractor then Hallelujah ! This site is teetering on the brink of boredom and sometimes resembles something like an old ladies garden club meeting.
2010-06-26 05:44:44
I hope what you're saying is that this is a very special site full of possibility for great beauty -- and that endless streams of inferior photos of coffee cups and family members has the potential to ruin it for everyone. I echo your wish that people would respect the site and each other.
2010-06-26 05:43:52
please explain what is a "dirty topic" thanks you