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Old Comments:

2009-10-19 03:17:19
It would be Heaven if everyone would think like that Minah...and Iīm glad the pictures bring some light into your days, thatīs the main reason I attend this site too :) Like Patito said once: we should only downvote very disturbing or distasteful pictures. But the downvoting button option being there, definitely some souls will use it for 'evil'.
2009-10-18 17:18:07
I have a simple system. If I like it, I vote for it. If I don't, I pass on. "If you can't say something good, don't say anything at all". What goes around, comes around. Thanks to all the people who brighten my day with their beautiful postings.
2009-10-18 13:12:38
Ok Skip, I get your point...thanks for the clarification, so sweet of you :) I really hope that Pixdaus fixes it soon, so people can get fair votes out of good choice and donīt have their pictures vanished in a coward and frustrated way...
2009-10-18 00:07:06
I think I know what happened to it jujuba, there were some people downvoting all our pics last night, and if they get enough downvotes they disappear, which is the goal for some people who have the ability to downvote more than once....but sometimes other people help us out before they can get rid of the pic. It's not easy, but if pixdaus fixes the voting so everyone can only vote once, it may start to change.
2009-10-17 23:19:03
I am reposting my own picture since the original one got deleted somehow...