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Old Comments:

2009-03-23 21:22:32
It's awful, that you can't send the letters with attached pictures to your friends. The only way to do it -is to save it. soooo uncomfortable(((
2009-03-18 08:17:46
That's cool. I do it like that because I get tired of saving one file at a time. I save a lot of my favorite pics so I can view them offline. Sometimes the hardest part of Photoshop work is in selecting pics that will work well together.
2009-03-18 07:40:50
I think it will be easier to hit the print screen button and save it in paint instead of looking for the cache and then by the time I get it open trying to remember why I'm in the cache file. I have a very short attention span. I'd do more of the photoshop stuff if it took no more than 15-30 min. That's why it was so easy for me to left click and drag it off of the page onto the desktop. Open it in GIMP and go. If I want to go back to a picture online I'll save it in my favorites. Like all things they suck a little at the beginning until they become the norm. Like dealing with the democrats incompetence! Let's here it for Chris Dodd.
2009-03-18 00:40:18
It seems like you can post to forums again, even with a little help to copy paste.
2009-03-17 23:13:55
IE go to C - Documents and Settings - your account name - local settings - temporary internet files - content - individual file. Firefox is local settings - application data - mozilla - firefox -profiles - defaultcache.
2009-03-17 23:05:49
If you have a program like ACDSee (you can do it with windows explorer)you can browse the internet cache. To try it(WinXP)for IE go to CDocuments and Settingsyour account namelocal settingstemporary internet filescontentindividual file. Firefox is local settingsapplication datamozillafirefoxprofilesdefaultcache. The browsers saves all the pics you view online in the cache. you never have to right click save as to save stuff.
2009-03-17 22:39:14
You can save it... Right-click on the picture and choose "Save a picture" or something like this.
2009-03-17 12:18:49
I liked to grab some of the pictures to tweak them a bit like removing the car on the winding road picture. Instead of just dragging it off of the page onto my desk top I have to hit "print screen" open paint and then paste. Save it then I can work on it. It's becoming a real pain. On top of all that 30-40 pics I had posted in the past have disappeared.
2009-03-17 08:48:39
COJO you ass. What photographic subject would I tag with? And Larry Sheldon, Also a stupid pointless comment. Pixdaus is harming themselves... Are they REALLY so busy they can't explain or fix this? I never ever posted any pic on a website to steal bandwidth. I sent URL that brought views TO pixdaus. Each person here that agrees represents probably 100 who won't comment. Post your own protests! *OR* EMAIL to
2009-03-17 07:58:33
my blog is mainly based on images from piaxdaus ,now i got these messages on most entries i agree with those who said its time to look for a new site ,its really time to do that !!!!!
2009-03-17 03:12:02
Demand your money back!
2009-03-17 03:03:17
. You didnt tag either........... .
2009-03-17 02:58:13
Oh... I thought that it works... It seems to be working only when YOU click the text: "see full-size image" not when you get the link to others. Silly...
2009-03-17 02:50:29
Not anymore. "Image has expired."
2009-03-17 02:27:30
I'm disappointed because I also can't show the photos to my friends. Always I do it like you (give the direct link). But it's funny. When there is a photo with the text below: "see full-size image" and you click that link, in the browser's adress field you will see the direct adress. There is an example:
2009-03-17 01:07:05
pls. if you find a better site than this, put the information to others to get there
2009-03-16 20:51:12
But I used to make with the same way during the whole last year ... Why it ALWAYS worked and never works since/from the last week ? But thanks you : I am going to try how you say ...
2009-03-16 19:21:22
send not image url but url from status bar, like this: And it will work!
2009-03-16 17:08:28
I send links to Pixdaus very often and they always work. 1. If you right-click and choose 'Copy link location' (depending on your browser) it WONT work ;) and you will have a message that image have expired. 2. If you open site for given image (click on the image) and then you copy the address from menu bar it WORKS ALWAYS :P
2009-03-16 15:44:30
Same problems : my friends are very sad ... for them, no more Pixdaus cats, or Pixdaus Venice, or Pixdaus horses, or Pixdaus bridges, and so on. It was very important for us to share beautiful or funny pictures. I hope Pixdaus will restaure soon this opportunity.
2009-03-16 15:30:01
You are more or less right that it's self-defeating, but hotlinking images has always been considered bandwidth stealing. If you find an image on the web, save it and put it on your own webspace, show that image. (Although that's copyright infringement, so you can't do that either. But Pixdaus never cared anyway.) *Links* still work: *I'm* mainly annoyed because I can't search pixdaus images on anymore. And because a lot of pictures get downvoted or moved into paid section otherwise, so Pixdaus is getting boring. Time to look for a new site, I think.
2009-03-16 14:43:59
instead of using their bandwidth and sending the person a link, save the image and mail to them your selves.
2009-03-16 13:52:51
Yes, I have the same problem. This site needs some improvements. If you could just move the image to tinyimages or something.
2009-03-16 09:40:55
don't know what's up with can't even put them on your desktop anymore...same message.
2009-03-16 09:37:50
you are rigth, mitch