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Posted By:poppy

Old Comments:

2011-12-12 17:16:59
So you now admit this photo is not a repost? Why did you lie about it? And why attack me even further by saying that "In Love with Nature does post a lot of duplicates, so deserved this anyways heeheehee"? I don't post a lot of duplicates, which everyone but you knows, so what really is your motive behind the spiteful and rancorous attack? The "heeheehee" reveals to me that you enjoy causing trouble, which exposes your true character to us all. - You are not here for the enjoyment of the photos, so why don't you find a more suitable Internet site for your dubious and underhanded activities?
2011-12-12 06:38:44
This picture had zero results on tineye, because it is not a repost. Sure got ya'll going for a while - doesn't take much. But In Love with Nature does post a lot of duplicates, so deserved this anyways heeheehee fight reposts aka obvious to Me
2011-12-12 04:42:36
The only Shakespeare play Pixdaus users seem to be familiar with is Much Ado About Nothing.
2011-12-12 04:18:20
"a search on would solve all the problems with reposts" is bs. For this photo, zero results. If this photo has been "on Pixdaus a few times" already, then it should not take 'fight reposts' long to find it. Seems to me his/her 'repost alert' was just meant to direct votes away from this picture and nothing else.
2011-12-12 03:52:22
Tineye doesn't work that well for me. Whenever I load images I always like to use Google images and then click on the camera icon in the search bar, then search away, It gives you a much more detailed search, but you need time to search properly and sometimes you can be short of that on some days.....
2011-12-12 00:47:50
I agree with In Love with Nature, it is useless to run searches and I'll tell you why: a) if you search for author names, chances are you'll get a miss because many photographers use different names on the sometimes many photosites where they post their pics, b) less than 50% of the pics posted in Pixdaus have NO author names anyway, c) a HUGE percentage of photos have been posted here without ANY CLUE at all: no author name, no title, nothing. That being the case, why bother to search and search and search since at least 8 times out of 10 the pic you're searching for would not turn up anyway, EVEN IF IT IS HERE? As to this photo, the repost hunter has not come up with the URL of the supposed original post, so let him/her do the bloody search!!!!!!!!!!!!! He/she can mouth off and get away with it, but anyone who is reasonable, polite and - heaven forbid! - even makes sense, is instantly crapped on. The Pixdaus admin is responsible for the reposts here because they have failed to install the proper sofware to prevent them!
2011-12-12 00:00:53
It's obvious to everyone that you idiots haave plenty of time to endlessly search for reposts.
2011-12-11 23:21:16
Your first sentence makes no sense. You do not run any searches at all...your time is limited...more useful things with which to occupy yourself............... Guess what folks? The rest of us idiots have all the time in the world to look at pages of reposts.
2011-12-11 14:44:43
This photo was newly posted on the site where I found it. On that photo site, photographers are not known for duplicating their own photos. Each repost is a new photo to someone, and I believe that users do not deliberately upload duplicates. The Pixdaus search engine is practically useless, so I for one do not run any searches at all because my time is limited and I have more useful things with which to occupy myself. The new platform, if it ever arrives, may incorporate image recognition software, so then reposts would be history. Instead of writing comments about reposts, time could be much more constructively spent on other things, for example being courteous and gracious toward one another instead of finding fault in others or even attacking them in a nasty manner (recent case in point: the vicious attack on PictureGirl). At the very least, we should allow some Christmas spirit enter our hearts and declare a time of peace and harmony at least till the New Year.
2011-12-11 01:39:53
Perhaps this is the one you're thinking of, Fight Reposts? You just might be wrong about the repost. But if not, how about providing the URL? You trolls are busy yelling repost but not providing the proof.
2011-12-10 19:55:50
on pixdaus a few times - on the Net for years