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Old Comments:

2009-10-02 14:17:57
◄◄Nods head►►
2009-10-02 10:05:55
No...but most of the shit that is stirred up here is by one of Logan's incarnations...Lord only knows how many he has....and ALL you have ever done since the moments you appeared under you 'name' is cause trouble and conflict..that is your SOLE and ONLY contribution....why? So Logan can continue to appear to be a goodie two-shoes, while engaging in his massive-downvoting of other posters photos, especially, mine, Poppy's, and Connie's.....he's a fraud and a phoney..and YOU are a fraud and a phony....
2009-10-02 09:45:57
zzanigifs! Don't get involved in this mess! You are doing great! Please! JS
2009-10-02 09:37:05
Of course mine! And yours! And all the other listed names on the Top-site! Why not? Whole Pixdaus is a one-man-Logan5-show!!
2009-10-02 09:29:27
Like yours? ...the jig is up,'ve blown your cover...
2009-10-02 09:23:04
Yeah! Logan5 should be blamed for everything! That's the easiest way! Search in your weird mind, and I bet you will find some other names there...
2009-10-02 09:17:53 it's becoming ZZ another one of your incarnations, Logan ? How many do you have ? Better pick one and stick with it, because the days when schmucks like you can run roughshod through this place are rapidly drawing to a close. And give my regards to your goat ! : )
2009-10-02 09:11:54
Not quick enough! I saved your interesting conversation with him on my HD!! :)
2009-10-02 09:09:46
You were really quick, patito!