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Posted By:poppy

Old Comments:

2010-10-07 18:35:34
"One requisite of being a poster here is to look at all the newly posted pics." (poppy, a few days ago) Or is it essential just for me? I don't care about your internal politics here! It's only childishness! ("perhaps you're funboy?") "how did you manage to find funboy’s pic?" I found it by watching his profile! BTW: thanks for downvoting my pictures. Since you and poppy made this fuss, my photos getting downvoted as hell! What a surprise!
2010-10-07 16:56:54
when doing a search, it was impossible to find something that has ‘hide’ for a title and ‘fun’ for a tag. how did you manage to find funboy’s pic? perhaps you’re funboy? where were the real title and the photographer's name? according to connie and poppy, your duplicate record is very high. i have looked at your file, and i agree with them.
2010-10-06 08:34:30
"white eagle flies with repost airways. we should do the same: it's fast, easy, and rewarding. if they have free bubbly onboard, i'm prepared to try it. :D " Be careful with your statements dingbat: Your post is a re-post!!! Where are your comments now, poppy + connie??? Have a nice day.