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2009-07-10 03:23:52
Logan5: You are not the only one whose pics are voted down, there are many of us whose pics are attacked by the downvoters almost on a daily basis. How wonderful it would be if it did not happen, but no amount of complaining will bring a 'change of heart' to those who are determined to annoy other people. I have written so many comments on the subject of downvoting that if they were are collected together, they would be a book. What has it got me? Nothing. My pics are being downvoted every time I post them, and my file is attacked periodically also. What I am trying to say is this: As in any society, there are those who behave and follow the 'rules' and then there are those who don't. Why would Pixdaus World be any different?
2009-07-10 02:58:26
@burst thanks for the hint! Looks like someone is especially voting against ME and not against my pics! @viewer this pic was uploaded yesterday evening and was downvoted this morning! Too-fast rise? Some people obviously like it when it had 30 votes already but ONE person obviously don't like ME so it was downvoted in a few minutes!!! I would call this a "shit" too!
2009-07-09 21:44:05
wow... breathtaking!
2009-07-09 19:07:18
hi logan, the 'shit' could be the too-fast rise for duplicate picture
2009-07-09 17:39:40
Again stupid downvoting!! Whats this for a shit? Minutes ago this (beautiful) pic has 30 votes and was downvoted in a few minutes down too 10 (!) votes! Thanks that, newbies like me are not up to start to upload something here!