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Old Comments:

2010-09-29 05:54:50
Drats - these comments go all over the place. The comment is meant for Caneton Gremouille.
2010-09-29 05:53:30
Carla Bruni Sarkozy is very lovely, great dresser, looks good on Nicolas Sarkozy's arm (but makes him look shorter ;-). She studied Art and Architecture but left school at the age of 19 to become a model. I guess living life is her education. She was born in Italy; the family moved to France in 1975. She’s a songwriter and singer; and she is an heiress. She did not get her French nationality until after she married Sarkozy. She is legally the daughter of an Italian concert pianist and industrialist and a classical composer. However, in 2008, she told Vanity Fair that her biological father is an Italian-born, Brazilian grocery magnate - a young classical guitarist who had a six-year affair with her mother. Her sister is an actress and movie director; she had a brother who is deceased. There is a lot of artistic talent in her family. I love your name ;-)
2010-09-29 05:13:37
Sorry Syriaz, I meant to type EQ aka EI or EIQ. You said that Asma is "considerably more intelligent...." On what do you base that? All I am saying is that formal education and acquiring several languages is just one aspect in determining Intelligence, EQ is another. Things like have the education or languages demonstrates the ability to learn in a formal setting. Emotional Intelligence cannot be taught; it’s innate. It can, to a point, be developed, encouraged, fine-tuned etc. One of many definition of EI is that it’s the potential to feel, use, communicate, recognize, remember, describe, explain, identify, learn from, manage, and understand emotions. None of the so-call experts, including Daniel Goleman who wrote the ground-breaking book ‘Emotional Intelligence’ (an interesting read), can agree on a definition. When I worked as a Human Resource Consultant with the Federal Government, we had a battery of tests developed by Personnel (Human Resource) Psychologists in Ottawa. It’s fairly easy to assess education, training, knowledge, abilities/skills and personal suitability (attributes). We also had tests that assessed Intelligence (IQ). But, it’s much more complex to try to assess Emotional Intelligence. Tools used to assess that are behaviour-based questions (BBQs), role play etc.; but it’s not foolproof by any means. You wrote you were merely expressing an opinion, but you added that it's an opinion that almost all of the world would agree with. That is a very sweeping and grandiose claim! On what basis do you make it? I would not consider Asma as being "elegant" based on the one photo. Her hair is a mess with the roots showing. Her necklace looks like it comes from a dime store, and it's wrong for the dress. However, she could be quite elegant in all other, more important, ways.
2010-09-28 23:59:40
My favorite is Yulia Tymoshenko... :P
2010-09-28 23:50:20
Connie and Syriaz are no doubt both describing attractive women, but neither of the First Ladies to which they refer are in the same league with Mme Carla Bruni Sarkozy. For evidence see her photos just posted here this morning. I rest my case.
2010-09-28 22:07:47
You're such an arrogant ass when you say almost all of the world would agree with you. You have a problem with women who dont agree with you.
2010-09-28 19:02:16
I have no idea what you are referring to by EG, but I would think that it is EQ (emotional IQ). In my previous posts I merely expressed an opinion (albeit an opinion that almost all of the world would agree with). IQ does go a bit beyond education in that it is the ability to acquire an education. Asma has four advanced degrees from prestigious universities in London, including one that might interest you in French Literature. Rania has a single degree from the American University in Cairo. Asma speaks four languages fluently (Arabic, English, French and Spanish), Rania speaks fluent Arabic but only broken English. Asma worked for prestigious world banking firms, Rania worked for Apple Computer in Amman. Asma was noted by Elle Magazine (in Paris) as the most elegant and influential woman in the world. I could go on and on. Obviously, however, nothing that I say will convince Connie, so this is as far as I go.
2010-09-28 14:32:20
French is my first language. You were referring to 'best looking', and I think it's Queen Rania. As for intelligence, it would be impossible for us to determine which of those two ladies is the most intelligent; education alone is insuffient to do a comparison. To make a determination one would have to administer a battery of tests - including the EG (Emotional Intelligence).
2010-09-28 13:18:17
No doubt Queen Rania is very attractive, but in my opinion she doesn't compare to Asma al-Assad. Queen Rania is a few years younger and this may help her appearance a bit and it is a subjective opinion as to which is indeed the most beautiful. However, when you go beyond beauty, Asma has it all over her, she is considerably more intelligent and better educated, even to the extent that one of her college degrees is in French, which I know is your second language Connie.
2010-09-28 05:01:03
I would have to disagree. I think the best looking First Lady these days is in Jordan.
2010-09-27 17:15:53
The most beautiful women in the world are in Syria, where most of them are muslim. In Syria the wearing of burkha's or any other sort of covering is optional. There is no requirement in the muslim faith. Our first lady Asma al-Hassad is, no doubt, a good example. She is certainly the best looking first lady of any country in the world.
2010-09-27 14:31:24
2010-09-27 11:42:45
Every religion sees the 'truth' - at least their version/interpretation of the Bible, Koran etc, and believe they are the only ones that can save the world. Christians and Muslims took the Jewish Old Testament and added, subtracted and twisted the writings to suit their purpose. If there was such a thing as one true religion, I would think it would be Jewdaism. The only thing the Koran says regarding women's way of dressing is to dress modestly. What does a robe covering a women from head to toe or wearing a veil covering her face completely (not like the girl above) got to do with the Koran or modesty? It's simply Muslim men's false interpretation to supress and control women; it's also because these men might have trouble keeping their pants on in those countries. Hot blood, don't ya know ;-)
2010-09-27 11:27:23
I know about Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell the pervert, but I never heard of Ralph Reed. We do have our version of fundamentalist Christians - Memmonites. But, it's pretty tame minority with very little influence in Ottawa... in comparisons with the born again Christians in the US - which has a powerful lobby in Washington. Y'all come down to Canada..we'll treat you real well, but leave Jerry behind - he's a creepy hypocrit ;-)
2010-09-27 10:53:54
The women is good eg for The Good Islam, if you read about the Islam, you will know exactly why those people believe in Mohammed and Islam, coz Muslims see the trouth as you see the sun, I hope you read once time, be fair with your self, and you'll make sure if that right or not, Best Regards, Brothers and Sisters.
2010-09-25 08:32:49
The Islamic faith isn't inherently more confining or restrictive than Christianity. The problem with any faith is not the religion itself, but with fundamentalists who believe their version of things is the only one exclusively ordained by God and that every last word of their Holy Book is literally true. If I had to choose between living in an America run by a bunch of Ayatollahs or one run by the likes of Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and Ralph Reed, I'd move to Canada.
2010-09-25 06:33:13
The statue is beautiful, the woman in front needs to lose the chains of Muslim faith before becoming beautiful too...