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Old Comments:

2011-11-16 03:27:10
absolutely no change since the first comment over two years ago - perhaps even worse
2011-10-02 03:57:55
no change
2011-09-24 23:58:47
Still happening - nothing changed - cheaters still cheating - trolls fighting back .... ad nauseum
2011-06-24 22:26:38
The voting system can be like that: Just registered user can vote. A registered user can vote a picture just once a day (24h). If a registered user vote a picture more then 3 times doesn't matter up or down he have to be banned for 1 week. You can express you opinion once. If is up or down you it's enough. Once yes or once no I think it's enough. Simple and I think fair.
2011-06-23 19:09:25
TO dhjkmn Here is the notice I said I would leave an 'inane, comment on it, so it will show under 'Recently commented'. As you can see, some have caught on to the cheating a while back. There have been other notices and comments made since I came on three years ago. If you scroll up to the top, you will see a comment from Skip complaining about the cheating etc. Note her comment “…..I know people don't notice it as much with my pics, because I have never been downvoted as bad as some people here…..” That’s funny because of the 3440 photos she uploaded only 72 were unpopular (meaning less than 13 votes)! At one point, there were only about 30 unpopular. When I remarked on that, she or one of her cyberspace friends, ‘fixed’ it so it showed more unpopular. Take her friend for instance – Poppy the Monitor. She posted 3310 photos, with 35 not popular!!! Now, that’s really funny. On the other hand, I posted 4720 photos, with 1172 not popular!! I suppose I shouldn’t have posted photos on Pixdaus; I obviously have no idea about good photography. I must have slept through the two photography courses I took, and imagined that I read all those photography magazines.
2011-06-11 19:58:45
2011-04-08 10:44:25
Nothing has changed since 2009
2010-07-15 08:40:36
"BEST" is relative; based on the opinion and experience of the individual. What you consider "best" may not be to someone else. Perhaps one should allow some freedom of expression; just as you have by posting your pictures.
2010-06-16 05:25:50
I think only people without a life outside the internet can stay here all day long trolling pictures. What's ironic enough is the fact that they don't take pictures, they are only scavengers. Some of the pictures do look reframed/cropped to remove the original copyright logo, shame on you scavengers! In 10 minutes from posting a test picture it got -4 allready. What for? It was a picture with no real artistic value, absolutely anost and blunt, but it stirred the troll instinct, it was something worth of hitting the downvote button. I really pitty you, scavenger posters.
2010-04-05 18:30:52
Knowledge is the key The power you seek is in that knowledge We can not hand pick users to pass that knowledge along to. So you will have to obtain that yourself. And some of you will get it. For those that do, please use self control and responsibility with your new found freedom. You will be amused with it for a little while and then become completely bored with it. The challenging nature of this site is what keeps you coming back. When the challenge is gone, What are you going to do then. Explode once discovered this knowledge. He thought he was going to control Pixdaus. This knowledge was his pride and joy. Till poppy and patito were made moderators. When he learned that they could undo his doings. (the mass down voting) He was crushed. and still suffers from it. Be careful what you wish for. You might just get it.
2010-04-05 16:10:19
It's possible that some posters are 'in' or are 'monitors' for Pixdaus, and therefore can vote multiple times
2010-04-05 14:26:11
It looks like this "downvoting" problem has been here for quite a long time (at least 2 years) and still nothing has been done about it. Could it be that the ones capable of making system changes are the ones benefiting from downvoting?
2010-01-12 23:59:28
As the Pixdaus voting system works now, *anything* that i post seems to get downvoted by trolls, and negative rude comments,. It seems that the trolls think they have to be rude and obnoxious and use others pictures for their debating ground. The worst Troll seems to be the King Louie-cohise-nerved-Troll patrol-explode1 etc. etc. coalition who use any excuse to argue (with patito) and he/she/theydownvote *any* of my comments, even on My own Pictures Until that changes i just won't post much (or any) more.
2010-01-12 22:26:23
Could we **please** have an option so we can delete offensive comments from our pictures. Or at least an option, when we post a picture, that we can restrict comments from being posted. I reckon that would stop a lot of the bickering on Pixdaus
2009-12-31 22:22:36
same question to ultrasonic and patito!!
2009-12-31 21:42:27
IT WAS SO PEACEFUL WITHOUT THAT F***WIT explode1 here on our site...833f To explode1: Why do you keep voting many times for your own photos - what a mediocre hypocite?
2009-12-24 05:41:53
Perhaps if you had the courage to make your arguments using your actual name "patito" instead of hiding behind a series of psedo-identities (Magnanimous, Sonny Brookfarm, Igmo Shagnasty, Vasco da Gama, Robin of Loxley and dozens of other suddenly supportive one-comment-fans) people might be more inclined to pay attention to you. "you think I'm Patito too" NO. Meanwhile we all KNOW that you are all the one-comment-writers! "Most of us are sick of you and your one-man vendetta" Always the same fault, patito: all visitors who think you are a moron are "trolls" and all "trolls" are just one person... Living is easy with eyes closed...
2009-12-24 03:51:43
I would really like to see just one day here on Pixdaus without insult or accusation. Just one day! Do I ask too much from you people?
2009-12-24 03:41:12
Perhaps if you had the courage to make your arguments using your actual name instead of hiding behind a series of psedo-identities ( nerved, troll patrol, king louie, etc ad nauseum ) people might be more inclined to pay attention to you. And yes, I know, you think I'm Patito too. In fact, most people are afraid to confront you using the names they post under because they worry they'll be victimized by the same kind of serial-downvoting as Patito. Most of us are sick of you and your one-man vendetta.
2009-12-24 03:26:28
skip, it really do not developed how it is in Pixdaus interest when patito upvote 10 of his pics which rightly never get popular suddenly get a boost of 20 votes in a sec after days or weeks??? You really have to explain it to the Pixdaus visitors! It is OK cause these pics came from patito? It is OK caus patito think they deserve it to be seen? When you or everyone else upload a pic and it doesn't get much votes, you and everyone else had to live with it! But patito give his pics a 20vote push. Why? Cause they were downvoted in bad faith? NO, they were downvoted cause they are just NOT GOOD! And it doesn't help if these pics were made by "famous and respected photographers of their era"! If the Pixdaus majority vote them down - that's life! Or does it mean that patito has a blank approval for his pics getting popular, cause they were made by "famous photographers"? e.g.: warloving pics from japanese WWII Generals and Kamikaze pilots HAVE TO GET POPULAR cause they were historical documents? Or what? Those pics obviously doesn't hit the majorities favour! They were downvoted. But patito think they have to be seen and push them up! And you think that's OK??? You really should explain that! Why is patito such a premium Pixdaus-member? Other pics from other users get downvoted too! Pixdaus perhaps gave him these powers but he use it only for his own benefit! We all waiting for an answer!
2009-12-24 00:34:50
Thanks Skip, I appreciate your support, but as you can see, anyone who disagrees with Nerved/Troll Patrol et al. about anything is in his mind just stupid...that's a classic sign of fanatacism and authoritarianism. It's become almost comical...he's like those head cases you see in cities sometimes carrying signs saying the world is coming to an obviously over the top nutty that no one pays any attention to them. Also, the shallowness of this person's understanding of the world is evident in his labeling of my posts of photos of American citizens of Japanese ancestry as m'ediocre' and the people as 'war criminals'...(a) the people were not criminals of any kind, and, (b) those photos were taken by Dorthea Lange, one of the most famous and respected photographers of her era. But , of course, those are matters of which Nerved/Troll Patrol is completely ignorant. It's all about HIM and HIS aesthetic standards and what HE believes. Anyone who disagres with him is stupid. Of couse, it's pretty clear who is actually the stupid one arouind here.
2009-12-23 23:35:28
Not even you can be so stupid, skip! Do you really believe what you are saying? You think it's normal when patito post stupid pics (e.g. of japanese war criminals), they were voted down by lots of Pixdaus visitors and patito came and gave this pics a 20 votes push caus eHE thinks they deserved to be seen!? You think it's normal when he pushed over 20 pics like a maniac last night? patito upload mediocre pics! And on this site are definitly more than only one person who vote bad pictures down! Not every downvote is a troll-attack! Sometimes is just because of bad pictures! And patito upload a lot of them! But patito make politics with the voting system here! He uploaded offending troll pics and gave them a 20 vote push. But if someone upload a patito-critical pic it will be deleted immediately! "if pixdaus chooses to give someone the power to delete comments or anything else it must be because they have some faith in them to do the right thing" patito don't do it for the faith of Pixdaus, he is doing it ONLY for his own benefit! patito complains about the voting system on Pixdaus but HE is the one who is manipulating it for own pictures and own targets! And you told us now that this is only for Pixdaus interests? Absurd. I can't see one single reason why you justify this. Wake up, skip!
2009-12-23 18:35:14
To answer your question why nobodys complains about Patito, I think it's because we have you here complaining about patito night and day, and the things your saying just don't seem logical, you continualy complain about patito's self voting, yet anybody who pay's attention, can see his pics have been voted down, no matter what the quality, even pics that were very popular at first and ended up on the top page with over twenty votes all the sudden voted down so much that they that fair? So there's two sides to every story, you say patito is voting his pics up, but who is voting them down by twenty or more votes? but if you were really so concerned about fairness and honesty then why don't you write all your complaints to pixdaus instead of constantly harrassing one person. I have a question for you, If a picture has thirty five positive votes, and then in a matter of minutes ends up with five votes, and then all the sudden it has thirty five votes again, who is in the wrong? the person who took the thirty plus votes away first, or the person who gave them back second? I think it's the first person who took votes away that stole votes from a pic that already had them. It seems to me that patito has tried to be patient with you, he has asked you for a truce more than once and you weren't having it, and if pixdaus chooses to give someone the power to delete comments or anything else it must be because they have some faith in them to do the right thing, if you disagree then you should be contacting them with your complaints not wasting time here.
2009-12-23 12:11:19
Uh he's gonna think you're me, Myke !
2009-12-23 12:07:13
Trolls: explode1, Troll Patrol We could make a Trolls List?
2009-12-23 11:50:27
Patito may not be perfect, and he may post corny photos sometimes, but at least he does post photos. What have you ever done but try to stir up trouble and bad feelings? Nothing.
2009-12-23 03:23:18
I wonder why NOBODY of you complain about patito's voting behaviour?!?!?! Everyone can notice that patito give himself the cheatervotes he want with the power of 20 votes at once! If a pic is rightly downvoted to -8 it just take ONE SECOND and this pic has +12 or whatever... You should start to complain about the biggest voting mistake first: that ONE person is able to manipulate as he like! You are all damn dissemblers! (This comment was deleted before!)
2009-12-22 14:17:53
I know your probably tired of hearing this Myke,(because I am too) but things may change soon, Pixdaus is definitely aware of what's going on and they have said they are working on it. I hope it's the voting that they are working on, because I think it causes the most trouble here, people feel like their being picked on and then everyone starts suspecting each other, it's a mess!. I've voted for and noticed a lot of good pics you posted. But I think some control freaks want to tell us what we can and cannot post. If and when the voting ever does become fair, I think we'll start to see some new kinds of pics on the top pages, along with some of the good ones that already make it. So don't take it personal, I know it's easier said than done. but since we know it's rigged we are not able to see the real reaction to pics now. I'm hoping they might even start new sections, just for people who post their own pics, or maybe for certain kinds of pics like flowers, birds, etc, so we could all go to the pics that interest us. anyway like they say, it's gotta get better cause it can't get any worse :)
2009-12-22 13:05:32
I Just want to say to those who obviously don't like my pictures, and keep downvoting them as soon as I post them, so they are lost and off the radar (so no point to post them at all)! I post only my own photos so to me it is personal. So "Thank You for ruining Pixdaus Community for me!" Have a NICE Life
2009-12-15 00:30:27
If yours pics had been flagged inappropriate enough times (I don't know what the figure is), then they would have also disappeared from all 'normal' sections and gone to the 18+ section and stayed there. Your pics were here all the time, you just did not look far enough when you searched the newly posted. As to explode1 making a monumental nuisance of him/herself, you would have to write to Pixdaus about that (I already have). That poster has decided that anything that happens here is done by me or I am responsible for. Had I such powers, I would blast explode1 to hell and gone. ;-)
2009-12-14 21:52:49
"explode1" is at it again now - perhaps you could discontinue her account, she's annoying
2009-12-14 21:45:45
Perhaps it had been flagged as inappropriate so i couldn't see it as i'm not a premium user ? But good i can now
2009-12-14 21:40:00
Thank You Poppy - i don't know how i missed them - duh
2009-12-14 20:18:17
correction: ...from ONE section only.
2009-12-14 20:00:24
As I am writing this, the pics you're talking about are on page 19 of the newly added section. It is NOT possible for a picture to disappear from on section only. When a picture is deleted, it disappears from ALL sections. You just did not look far enough in the newly added...
2009-12-14 15:08:10
AAAAAAAAARGH Where did several of my newest go, from the newly added section? I couldn't find them there ( I Had to go to my page to find them at all ). Why have they been removed? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ They were in the middle of those "blank pictures" that "explode1" uploaded (and NOW are also gone) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ *** BUT My pictures are NOT offensive (or adult)*** What's up PIXDAUS?
2009-12-05 23:58:29
You got it right, Mike. Do anything to antagonize the downvoting coalition and you'll pay a heavy price.But don't let it bug you...the voting system is a complete farce and useless as an index of photo quality or much of anything else....but the new Pixdaus administration is well aware of the problem, and is working on a new system that will be fair and equitable. Meanwhile, congratulations on having the guts to continue to post your own photos...that's a tough row to hoe. Hang in there and Don't Give Up !
2009-12-05 17:56:07
It is a definite targeting of my pictures now. If you make a comment, you become a target. Why? I don't know. I just hope the miserable person who is doing it gets a life soon. I do enjoy most of the photos others have posted here, And often give an upvote and very rarely a downvote. As I've said, I take my own photos and post them here for others to enjoy, so please enjoy.
2009-12-04 12:16:50
observer is "one of them"
2009-11-20 10:52:54
Revise that. There is a deliberate downvoter lurking here - They only have one vote and target whoever they want - It needs to stop.
2009-10-27 04:56:49
In answer to your question: They have oodles of cheater votes at their disposal and know how to tweak the votes and the rating. - The ratings have been bullshit for months and months and mean nothing, and several posters have the ability to endlessly upvote their pics to the top, regardless of their quality or interest. At the same time, they downvote the good pics of other posters. Jujuba, you post consistently good pics, keep up the good work, and 'elf' the downvoters and the cheaters!
2009-10-27 04:15:51
Thats just my theory - I could be wrong...
2009-10-27 04:11:13
Wow, Fuzzy is our computer geek 8-) :P Thanks for the clarification, it was happening to me too...
2009-10-27 03:34:35
MykeSalmon -You may have been voting positive but someone else out there was voting negative so when the results came back it showed a -negative- because the downvotes were factored in.
2009-10-27 03:19:19
Now can anyone explain me how someone goes up six positions in the rank in 2 days posting crap and duplicates and getting mostly negative votes? Is that fair to those who really put some thought into this site because they actually like this place? I bet someone is laughing at us now ;-) Dont worry, Id rather reach my way up through my effort than cheat on my myself by thinking Im good when Im actually a loser! One more thing to everyone as a friendly notice: please avoid clicking on those spam pictures when theyre never know what they can be...Ive got some pretty nasty viruses and spyware from this site.
2009-10-26 22:34:13
I THINK THAT I JUST FOUND THE FAULT. When I just finished uploading 3 pictures I went to vote for some other people's photos and when I Voted (+) positive the vote result came back (-) Negative. So it is probably a **PROGRAMMING ERROR*** - Aaaargh (*** PIXDAUS - Please check this after uploading - It seemed to work alright after I logged off and then back on)
2009-10-24 09:04:50
Thanks jujuba! I understand how you feel because even though it's just a virtual world it's hard not to notice when people who don't even know you seem to be out to get you, and you made a good point about the people who do more commenting or complimenting get picked on the worst, hopefully things will change with the voting, then if they want to express their feelings they will have to do it in comments and the pics won't be affected. I know not everyone likes certain pics, but we can tell the difference from normal downvoting and being hit on every pic you post. and some people may not think it's important, but I appreciate the people who take the time to find the good pics or interesting pics for us to see.
2009-10-24 01:17:03
You know Patito, I was thinking the exact same thing!
2009-10-24 01:06:30
It might be that some of the trolls and downvoters grew up and live in societies where the freedoms those of us in the west take for granted are either severely restricted or non-existent....freedom of speech in some parts of the world means freedom to say what those in power deem permissible...
2009-10-24 00:36:19
One more thing: I have noticed that especially those who comment on the situation, compliment others photos or call the attention when something is wrong are a main about freedom of speech, eh? ;-)
2009-10-24 00:33:01
"TO SKIP: COME BACK AT ONCE AND START POSTING AGAIN! WE ALL MISS YOU AND YOUR PICS!" Ditto! You know, being kind of a newbee here, I dont even know why Im being targeted too...I never had anything against any user in the site, I only call the attention when someone is deliberately posting duplicates...maybe one of those is frustrated? What? You want to earn credit and respect by cheating? I dont understand what these people think they get with donwvoting - it doesnt put their names anywhere, it doesnt increase their ratings...its just a stupid virtual world, Id like to see if theyd be this 'brave' in real life - but I guess thats the easy way nowadays to get satisfaction , huh? By stepping on other peoples heads, instead of fair game ;-) It doesnt matter. If our pics get voted up, great, we should be glad someone enjoyed them. If they get voted down, they wont be in the popular section, but the downvoters should know theyve helped us increase our ratings then anyways so thanks ;-) If any photo vanishes, we will just keep reposting it again and again and again. Like Poppy said: our pictures dont get lost! And Id like to add that Im very stubborn :P
2009-10-23 19:50:32
So true skip, Sometime is hard to find a reason to stay here, then I remember all those good picture, and other poster who continue to post pictures no matter what happened to them and that gives me strength to continue. Also it's good to take a little break from pixdaus, because I can't watch helplessly all injustice here day by day ... That helps me to stay unattached for my actions here.
2009-10-23 12:04:06
Thanks for trying to help poppy, I'm glad the new people at pixdaus are planning to make changes, I think I just get impatient sometimes, because I have been posting pics here a long time, and it was never fair with the voting, but over time it got worse with people figuring out how to use proxy votes to knock other posters pics down. I never have understood why so much competition over pics that in most cases are not our own. I read a comment I liked by peasant today, about it not affecting him what people do to the pics he posts cause he's not attached to them or something, that's great and since at the present time, there is no such thing as fair or honest voting, it's a good attitude to take. I wasen't really quitting, just for awhile cause I was anxious for a change, but I've got Halloween pics to post and was really enjoying the races we had, so you can't get rid of me that easy!
2009-10-22 17:22:07
TO SKIP: COME BACK AT ONCE AND START POSTING AGAIN! WE ALL MISS YOU AND YOUR PICS! The whole purpose of the downvoting is to try & drive some of us out of here, but why should we give them that satisfaction? Youre not posting now, so they are happy, and are now hitting my pics harder than ever to try & get me out also. Well, no way, Jos, because this gal aint leaving, and you have to return to us and start posting again, NOW! - Let them downvote, the big cowards and trolls and maggots that they are, why should we care? Our pics do not turn into rubbish because of it. I went and shook a few trees and I am assured that things WILL change, so let us all be patient for a while longer.
2009-10-21 14:37:28
My pictures are also being downvoted. Alot of people post some really beautiful pictures here and this is why I'm drawn to this website. You simply can't find these photos in this type of collection anywhere else on the internet. Where I draw the line is the amount of nude photos on here. There is a section for such pics and it isn't on the 'newly added' section. They should go straight into the 'banned section' where they belong. Thanks for listening, everyone... :)
2009-10-21 14:17:46
I think it would be fair for everyone to have only one vote per pic and no down votes at all. Who needs them? If a pic is poor quality simply don't vote for it - that should be enough. One vote each for those we like should also be enough. I have only recently discovered Pixdaus, I think it is a marvellous site. I am, however, amazed by the amount of competition, bickering and bitching that seems to go on among some people. Come on! Wake up! Surely it is about the pictures not personalities? I think a single vote each for any pic might ameliorate all the bellyaching and get back to basics.
2009-10-21 12:54:27
And Claus, if you wanna learn some strategies in creating your own stories, just talk to patito :P
2009-10-21 12:37:10
Why are folks downvoting Claus' comment? It's a valid comment- as valid as anyone elses.
2009-10-21 12:17:41
Claus..let me suggest this...if a photo grabs you and moves you to the point that you want to know more about it, it's done its has engaged your mind and/or your perceptual apparatus on some level...go ahead and vote for it... !!! And if there's no info, then you have the opportunity to just create your own story ! That'll keep your mind limber !
2009-10-21 11:40:35
Thanks Patito, I will try and keep your suggestion in mind. So, rather than downvoting I will just abstain from voting altogether. There are so many great photos here and I save some,but then I see one with no title and I get very frustrated.
2009-10-21 10:51:28
Good Post - This has been very true lately. The Photos I post here are all my own (inspired by some of the magnificent works I see on here). Although I may not be the greatest photographer in the world, they're not that bad (well most of them) and lately they just get downvoted as soon as I post them. At first I thought it was just someone not liking me but I also see that it's a trend against many really good photos and users. Maybe Pixdaus could just stop the allocation of Negative votes to anyone (it could work)
2009-10-21 04:10:51
Hi Claus.. welcome to the show...first, most of the photos aren't taken by the person posting them...a few are, but they're the exception..most of the best posters will give some information if they have it, but not all good photos come with info about what where and etc.... I agree with you that a generic tag like ' bird' or 'nature' is useless and a nuisance..the ones that bug me the most are the one's that say 'beautiful' or 'funny'....but let me urge you not to down-vote a good photo just because there's no info with it..the poster may very well not know anymore about it than that it's a good photo...for my part, I'd rather see a good photo with no info than not see it at all...
2009-10-21 03:57:31
A caption or tag is simply a way to be able to look up a pic again - its not meant as an insult or saying that you are incapable of recognizing what it is- You should come here to look at the beautiful photography not for a geography lesson - Not having a location is not a valid reason to vote down a pic- extra information on a picture is a bonus NOT a prerequisite
2009-10-21 03:45:04
Hello to all.I am new here so I only vote for those pictures I really like. But a word of caution, if you post a picture and label it "landscape" or "boat on lake" you insult me! Give me a little credit to recognize the object. I live on the other side of the world and would like to know where the picture was taken since I most likely will not be able to visit that location. So,if you don't tell me where the location is, I will ignore the picture by not voting,or down voting it! Come on people,let me know where you were? I travel the world through your pictures!
2009-10-21 03:09:17
Something definitely needs to be done to stop the systematic attacks (especially to Poppy- she seems to be at the top of someones list for harassment) But there needs to be some way of showing which pics are liked - The voting system is being abused but the voting here kinda sets this site apart from other sites - Its fun to vote for your fav pics- The top voter list is messed up - the points and submission counts are not true- Couldn't there be some kinda of glossary of posters who put up more than say 10 pics will be listed? Then just show who put up the most interesting pics of the week in the top list which would cause the list to change every week so there could be no ONE all time top "winner" permanently ensconced as number one?
2009-10-21 03:01:06
Hello to all of you! I havent been around for a while, but i had problems too with the i join you all..i agree that something has to be done..sooner the better..!
2009-10-21 02:46:28
Anyone who's been around here for very long understands that the voting system is so screwed up we'd almost be better off without is so easily manipulated by unscrpulous users that it's neither fair nor equitable....some kind of reform is sorely needed...I'm assuming that the new admin is working hard to come up with a new voting system that will actually work, as well as some way of controlling the practice of harvesting the pixdaus files and re-posting them ad nauseum.....meanwhile, this is still a great place to see beautiful and interesting photos, despite the warts and imperfections...Onward Through The Fog !!!! Viva La Pixdaus !!! Hook 'em Horns !!!
2009-10-21 00:48:53
The problem of 'normal' downvoting is a small one. The much bigger problem is the downvoting by cheater votes. There are certain posters among us who dislike or envy some other posters. If the former have access to cheater votes (and many of them do), they downvote the latter's pics again and again and again... THAT is the biggest problem. The admin IS working on the problem of cheater voting, but in the meanwhile it is very frustrating for some of us to spend countless hours looking for new and original uploads and then have the cheater voters knock them repeatedly down the instant they appear just because they don't like the poster. The posters who specialize in posting duplicates constitute another big problem. Should such posters also have access to cheater votes, then their pics get to the top in record time, which in my book is tantamount to them pissing twice on those of us who endeavour to post good new pics only to get them constantly downvoted...
2009-10-21 00:02:35
I have also noticed that perfectly good pictures get downvoted the moment theyre uploaded. Sometimes I have the feeling that downvoters dont have a life and stay in front of the screen 24x7 just waiting for someone to upload a good picture to press the down arrow in half a second. I believe in their minds they think: 'ah come on, this picture is nothing near my "marvellous" pictures, it doesnt deserve these many votes.' NOTE: do they even know that by downvoting theyre actually increasing the rating of the user? So if they dont like the picture, they should just ignore it. Plus, I see no tolerance when some funny or even artistic photo is uploaded...come on! At least spend one minute trying to understand the meaning behind it - sometimes reading the caption helps understanding the humor or history or whatever - which I know these downvoters dont even try to do, they downvote at the moment they don't see a snow covered mountain reflected on a lake, like Patito always says (not that its not beautiful, it is obviously, but different things should be welcome too). I do agree with what fuzzy blue one said about portraits. I have seen many being sent to the 18+ section without any reason (they do that probably to prevent the users from getting more votes on the pic, since only premium users have access to those). What I guess Pixdaus should do is analyse all the ones that get flagged to see if theyre really unnapropriate before sending them anywhere else. On the other side also, Ive seen people complaning over and over again about the same problem, but nothing is done about it by Pixdaus. I also have no idea how these proxy votes work, so not sure if theres an actual solution. What if they took away the red arrow? Are downvotes really necessary?
2009-10-21 00:02:08
I agree with you my friends,my english are not very good, so I can't write too much,let's continue to post the pictures we like to us, without wars....
2009-10-20 23:40:08
I have noticed my pics getting very low votes and the portraits I posted were sent to the inappropriate 18+section -they were just pics of womens faces -no reason for them to be sent there -Seems most every here is being suppressed for the gain of some unknown person - Way to go negative downvoter - ruin a fun place for all
2009-10-20 23:35:02
Voting for this pic is one thing, but what we need are more comments. If you're a poster and afraid of retaliation by the trolls and loonies and downvoters if you speak up, please write under an alias. It does not matter who you are, it's your point of view that matters.
2009-10-20 19:06:38
I entirely agree with what Skip is saying... we have to start doing something. And thanks to no-name for posting this notice. I am putting my thinking cap on, and will get back to this later on. I'll go & shake a few trees first and see what falls down... first, I'll put on my hardhat. ;-) Keep this active, Friends! Let's have comments, please. Time to stop playing ostrich! To the barricades! Out with the guns and cannons! Sic semper trollium! - If this sounds like a call for a strike, it may come to that...
2009-10-20 15:47:37
I have noticed it and that's why I'm through here, for awhile, I know people don't notice it as much with my pics, because I have never been downvoted as bad as some people here, and eventually I think my friends vote me back up, but I am downvoted each time I post after my pics are already doing well, each one I posted tonight has been knocked down by several points, tonight when I started I saw poppy downvoted, Patito downvoted, and I saw where every one of Fuzzy blue one's pics was downvoted, I tried to undo minuses on Danis and everyone I saw, only because I think I know a good picture when I see one, but I am through with this game, I believe a few people who have been here a long time have the power through proxy votes to down vote people over and over in order to keep them off the popular page, meaning keep them under 11 votes so their pics will not be seen. I have said before I really enjoy the pictures here, and even more I like the communication with people here, but with jelous people who only want to compete and get to the top, or make fun of us for enjoying each other in comments, I'm really tired of it, and I'm going to wait and see if Pixdaus does something about this so people can only vote one time, that would be fair. I like most everyone who posts here, so I may keep commenting but I can't see much point in searching for good pics just to have them shot down all the time, and I think it's happening to lots of people here.
2009-10-20 14:51:19
You're alert ;-)