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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2008-06-26 04:06:48
how do you shoot a blue elephant? with a blue elephant-gun. how do you shoot a red elephant? you hold his nose til he turns blue, then you shoot him with a blue elephant-gun.
2008-06-25 23:22:24
LOL, Patito! I have a slightly different reason for elephants’ flat feet: Why do ducks have flat feet? To stamp out forest fires. Why do Elephants have flat feet? To stamp out burning ducks. ...Is this now going to be an elephant joke page? There are thousands!
2008-06-25 23:05:57
Know why elephants have flat feet? From jumpin' out of trees. Know what that dark gooey stuff is between elephants' toes ? Slow natives. What game do elephants most enjoy playing? Squash. Know what weighs 5,000 lbs and wears glass slippers? Cinderelephant. What's red and white on the outside but grey and white on the inside? Campbell's Cream of Elephant soup. Know what's grey and puts out forest fires? Smokey the Elephant. Know what's grey and puts out? Smokey the Elephant's sister.
2008-06-25 16:45:35
Pity. You just have not been out and about at the right time of day.
2008-06-25 15:20:26
I've never seen an elephant in a cherry tree!
2008-06-24 23:35:51
Why do elephants paint their toenails red? So they can hide up in cherry trees, of course.