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Posted By:COY

Old Comments:

2010-05-21 09:48:19
I'll do that soon then. I wrote my previous comment on my mobile phone. Funny how the words are all bunched up like that and not spread out like it does when you answer comments on the computer....
2010-05-21 06:54:25
Yes Mary, please do take a picture and post it for us.I like photos that were taken like that.
2010-05-21 05:18:08
That will be a lovely sight to see. I have a house at the end of my street that always has lots of different coloured flowers growing in her front garden all the time. She has lots of yellow growing this time round. It's really beautiful. I should take a photo of it. She only has a small garden though. Still, it's very pretty... :-)
2010-05-21 00:13:48
I love Zinnias too Mary. Then again I like all flowers, and I will have a lot of Zinnias in bloom in about three or four more weeks.
2010-05-20 22:43:54
I love zinnias. And this one is a very pretty colour... :)