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Old Comments:

2010-04-21 22:57:14
Thankyou so much, Coy. That is very nice of you... :)
2010-04-21 22:49:46
I like it, I like it. Nice posting Mary.I for one gave it a plus three.
2010-04-21 21:50:32
Thankyou so much for your support, Peasant. You are so kind to say such words and I truly do appreciate them. Thankyou again... Have a wonderful day, Peasant... :)
2010-04-21 21:27:46
-3 for this image? This site became really strange... After all your effort to please the authors right and to find a really decent and high quality photo you get a -3? Spoiled users, angry photographers... Sometimes I ask myself what I'm doing here and then someone post a really good photo like this. Then I forgot all bad things here.... I would like you to know that at least one user appreciate your actions here, me. :)
2010-04-21 20:47:36