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Posted By:connie

Old Comments:

2009-02-05 12:16:59
I'm confused! I looked in my folder 'tree- cones' and there is an exact picture of the above except it has only one cone. It clearly says 'Korean Fir Cone'. The one I posted said 'Pine Cones'. I need a drink...maybe I'm getting hmmmm old.
2009-02-05 07:52:25
Thanks for the info...
2009-02-05 07:26:04
Thanks for clearing this TMC. I have a photo of a Korean Fir cone, but it looks a bit different. However there are different varieties.... I'll look some more on the web now that my curiosity has been pegged.
2009-02-05 04:28:44
Cones of the Korean Fir,Abies koreana.
2009-02-05 04:23:53
On the site where I got it it said pine. I was surprised because I would have thought it be a blue spruce.
2009-02-04 23:04:29
Interesting, Ms you happen to know what kind of pine tree that is? Are you sure it's not a spruce or some such ?