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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2009-03-02 22:55:50
If I scroll through it at a med. rate of speed it makes me think of a Monty Python-esque [is that a real word?] type news reel/skit. It's very comical.
2009-03-02 22:14:26
It's actually been posted more than once, and after the first time someone posted a comment and said that it was a series of stills from a satirical Russian film about their early space program, and not shots actually taken of the real thing. Don't know if that's true or not.
2009-03-02 12:27:08
Awesome! This was posted just prior to my discovering Pixadaus. Glad I found it.
2008-09-02 05:45:07
Scientific experiment
2008-08-29 09:05:03
Wow so that's where that term "when pigs can fly" came from.
2008-07-03 14:24:08
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2008-05-27 19:56:29
Ohh shit pigs can fly, ipossible is nothing,Nike!!
2008-05-25 11:13:38
Oops, I meant where's Kermit?
2008-05-25 11:13:00
We're kermit?
2008-05-24 23:45:47
Before the Mecury program succeeded American test pilots tended to scorn space flight in capsules as "Spam in the can." Judging by the photos, the Russians had the idea first. Experiments like this may have convinced the Soviets that it was safer for cosmonauts to bail out and land separately, like Yuri Gagarin.
2008-05-24 18:38:21
That is the weirdest series of images I've seen in a long time.
2008-05-24 10:00:37
2008-05-24 09:16:04
The writing on the bottle reads: NKVD USSR technical department, Winery "Kagor" No 9, 0.75L NKVD = KGB predecessor. NKVD name was not used since 1946 so it is very likely that this pig artilery experiment was done during WWII or right after the war. Note also the typical WWII-era tank helmets worn by the crew. NKVD would be likely to take over and operate a winery as a special luxury production for the Party brass in times of strict war/post-war rationing
2008-05-24 07:53:17
This the is the untold story of how spider pig got his powers.
2008-05-24 03:34:21
mini story there..
2008-05-24 03:25:23
That was AWESOME!
2008-05-24 02:34:29
that is the craziest shit i have seen in a long time. funny and disturbing at the same time. great post, jchip. fuckin piggie went for a ride! drunk! RFLMAO!!!