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Old Comments:

2008-05-21 02:48:28
piggies are awesome.
2008-05-20 10:01:56
I asked a pig this question, but no matter how I begged him, he refused to answer. Apparently he wasn't a squealer...
2008-05-20 02:36:21
Bacon cheeseburgers
2008-05-19 04:08:54
jajaja picon
2008-05-18 03:48:21
OK Anne! "Piggy wigs, what gives you the incentive to race like this? Do they pay you with money, like printed on pigskin, or do they starve you for the race with your food coming at the end?"
2008-05-18 03:01:32
Ask them.
2008-05-18 02:46:18
What incentive do they race for?
2008-05-18 00:06:52
The pigs are loving it!