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Posted By:Pie Man

Old Comments:

2010-08-05 14:30:54
I really don't know what all the fuss is about. It appears to be a perfectly lovely and delicious pie. What flavor do you suppose it is ?
2010-08-05 14:27:51
Yes, patito=patito He spit upon us while he sneer at other users He destroy pixdaus while he spit He sneer and spit at same time He wear same socks 3, 4 days while he abuse other users he spit upon. He try to fuck all pixdaus while he spit on us with low grade crap, all the while he sneering.
2010-08-05 14:18:36
You tell the truth, upvoting by+20! Patito try to fuck all of pixdaus with his low grade crap!! This pic have +5 twenty minutes ago - now it have 11 votes!! FUCK YOU lying piece of shit!!! Do all of us a favor...Go Fuck Yourself!!!! ;-)
2010-08-05 14:16:20
Will you trolls stop using certain words that I use!! You're trying to make it sound like I'm writing the comments...for example: networking, potty mouth. Couldn't you have used another word, for example garbage or slimy mouth? Be a bit creative. You're also becoming clowns of each other. Mind you, maybe it's only one or two of you writing all those comments. Sigh...just another day in the Loonie Bin.
2010-08-05 14:12:59
Potty Mouth ? What are we, in the third freakin grade, for cryin' out loud? Go diddle yourself, you lying bitch !
2010-08-05 14:00:01
Yes it did and you have a potty mouth.
2010-08-05 13:52:26
No it didn't and you're a lying sack of shit.
2010-08-05 13:24:05
This is another of Patito's posts that has received a +20 upvote.