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Old Comments:

2011-09-04 01:59:35
Oops, that should be thanks, not thankls....
2011-09-04 01:55:09
Thankyou again, Connie. Will try that out soon as well.... :)
2011-09-04 01:54:17
Many thanks for explaining that, Connie. Actually, I knew how to stretch and skew, but not how to crop. I'll take a look at all of that and try all that out soon.... :)
2011-09-03 20:24:11
I forgot to add: Paint can also crop a photo. To the left, you'll see icons. Select the rectangular box and crop the photo; then select 'Copy to'.
2011-09-03 20:21:22
It's quit easy PG...even for a computer illiterate like me. On the photo, click 'Edit'. At 'Image' select 'Stretch/Skew. Then you put the percentage you think might be correct (plus or minus 100%) doing both Horizontal & Vertical. Before I save it, I drag the page to the bottom bar on my screen. I know from that if I have sized it correctly. If not, don't save it, and repeat the above steps. Even after you saved it, you can always change it. With Paint, you can stretch or shrink the photo to fit and look its best. COY is the one who told me how to do it. I'm very thankful she did. She did not mention dragging the page - it's my awkward way of determining if I sized it correctly - before I save it. Perhaps someone has a better way.
2011-09-03 00:43:31
Many thanks for that, Kodak Jack. It does look better this way too. I know how to resize the pictures in Paint, and I guess I should've done that on this occasion, but I'm not sure where crop is if it is featured on Paint. I have the Webshots Desktop and I know how to crop photos with that but I know that it won't help with the photos I post to Pixdaus. Thanks again, Kodak Jack. Have a great weekend.... :)