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Old Comments:

2008-12-25 04:11:25
Makes me want one...
2008-12-22 23:47:11
Stop the silly behaviour, Artmani. Pixdaus is not your personal forum for vendettas and hateposters! You have posted some excellent pictures, so just post those, please, and stop all these useless comments also!
2008-12-22 20:39:19
Artmani dear photos you thank you.
2008-12-22 20:38:12
با با یک نیست جواب این احمق بی شرف (خب)بدهد هرکی از بجه های که میتواند این جمله را بخواند کون این (خب) را بسوزانید با تشکر دادش شما پیمان
2008-12-22 19:35:10
He is a mental patient.Perhaps a dirty mouse!
2008-12-22 19:29:53
Why do you have any problem with Ok?