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Posted By:pirizoe

Old Comments:

2009-07-24 10:48:25
Did the two versions of the photo appear together in a magazine or on a website or something? What's the story behind this?
2008-04-15 19:14:49
The plumper version is definately better looking..too many American women are brainwahsed too believe that skinny equals beautiful..ever wonder why? Because they believe they should look like fashion models, who are skin and bones..and why are fashion models skin and bones? So people will look at the clothes, and not the women's bodies..
2008-04-15 02:30:38
Id hit that, far or otherwise. Or both at the same time *queue Quagmire from Family Guy laugh*
2008-02-26 06:23:15
Not a fan a tubby thighs and a nice perk bum is a winner :) Photoshop ftw
2008-02-24 08:23:31
It is Kelly Clarkson. I also remember how Bo Bice got robbed as well.
2008-02-12 23:56:45
You will all kneel and kiss the ground that the one true AMERICAN!! Idol walks upon. BOO-YEAH!!
2008-02-12 23:28:35
You honestly think this many people are saying that because its PC? When have you seen people here act PC on a large scale? People like you are the reason young girls starve themselves to death to look like photos.
2008-02-12 22:31:59
She is very attractive in both versions
2008-02-12 22:02:20
i like the rounder butt, and Im not being PC! YUMMMM
2008-02-12 15:07:22
Creepy how she keeps changing, like she is possessed!
2008-02-12 13:41:57
Looks like Kelly Clarkson
2008-02-12 12:07:11
this looks shopped to me.
2008-02-12 11:12:14
I realize the PC thing to say is that the "rounder" butt looks better, because it's her real size, but, to be honest, she just looks fat. The photoshopping takes off the fifteen pounds she herself would probably be glad to lose.
2008-02-12 10:17:24
Beer Googles
2008-02-12 09:30:04
f*ck yea her but is a heck of a lot better rounder. She completely losses it the other pic.
2008-02-12 09:01:27
And who was it that said that the camera never lies!
2008-02-12 08:34:55
I liked the rounder butt too : )
2008-02-12 07:17:52
definetly better with the rounder butt!
2008-02-12 06:51:32
not bad. I like the softer lighting and the rounder figure, it looks natural.