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Old Comments:

2010-06-13 21:23:18
Right. 121 posts, according to Tineye, but none listed for Pixdaus, and no prior postings in the archives under 'kingfisher', yet as Gary says, the photo is immediately recognizable, as is the one with the unfortunate open-mouthed minnow. So, we know Tineye has its limitations and is not infalliable, and a large part of the archives here have been stashed elsewhere and aren't available. Good photo though, and deserves re-posting every once in a while.
2010-06-13 20:35:26
This is probably the most circulated nature photo on the Internet (or close to it - feed the photo into and see how many hits it gets). I saw it on Pixdaus already about 2 yrs ago, but I just found it on flickr where the photographer hiulam69 claims that he/she has taken the picture on February 10 this year, which cannot be true. Of course, the photographer may have added the uploading date to the wrong place and has reposted an old picture.