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Old Comments:

2010-12-31 09:38:26
Thankfully, it is only for the one day. Perth and Adelaide have it worse than us. Perth is to have 40 Celsius, 4 days in a row, over the weekend and into the start of the new week. I couldn't stand to go through that. I know it's summer, but these hot temps are just awful...:( All the best for 2011 too, Robot. Hope it treats you kindly... :)
2010-12-31 09:29:00
I'm glad they're helping you, PictureGirl... it sure is hot where you are! :)
2010-12-31 09:22:58
These snow pictures are helping to make me feel cool, Robot. Many thanks for posting them. We're to have 40 Celsius/104 Fahrenheit today. I'm glad I got my awnings fitted a few weeks back... :)