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Old Comments:

2011-03-06 16:24:11
Well yes, I guess you are right. Sorry about that, Gabrielle.
2011-03-06 16:09:30
I don't think it does compensate. My laptop is practically an antique, in computer terms, it is all of nine years old!
2011-03-06 13:52:18
You are very welcome, Gabrielle. I did not know that you can't get that menu on a laptop and that you are unable to right click. How does the laptop then compensate for that ?
2011-03-06 11:43:24
I am using a laptop - no right button to click, but thanks for trying to help me.
2011-03-05 19:47:09
That's where right clicking on the page you are looking at, comes in Gabrielle. It should work ok with that, unless of course you are using Google Chrome. Then it becomes a little harder to get the translating to work...
2011-03-05 13:55:12
I do use Google but my "translate" only comes up in the intitial search and not on individual pages - frustrating!
2011-03-05 11:56:58
I'm sure too that if you right click on the page you have on at the time, it will offer the translating service to you also.... :)
2011-03-05 11:55:58
Gabrielle, do you use Google to search for what you want to find out about on the internet ? If so, you should be able to use the service that Google provides to help translate pages in other languages. I would put 'Google translate' and see what you come up with. Then you will find it much easier to read pages in other languages. This should help get you on your way there. Hope that helps.... :)
2011-03-05 10:55:29
Many thanks, Robot, I had not realised that dominat is Russian. That probably explains why her pics do not come up on TinEye. I recently added to my links as there are so many wonderful Russian photographers. I cannot translate but just enjoy the beautiful pictures. I really like the ones you post.
2011-03-04 18:19:17
To Gabrielle: I have always given every piece of information that the photographers have provided about their photographs. Since almost all my uploads are from Russian sites, you may understand how much time and effort are spent on translating. In the case of dominat, she does not give ANY information about her pictures. The site says she is from Moscow, and the section where her pictures are is categorized as Comp.Arts. Perhaps you should email her at: