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Old Comments:

2009-04-12 10:34:43
I forgot to add thanks A Bouts for the info.
2009-04-12 10:33:32
I read the article from the Time magazine. So, the original comments about this photo being bogus was incorrect. He chased the vulture away, watched the little girl continue on her walk to try to get food, and then he left. How this photographer walked away from that little girls is beyond my comprehension. At the very least, he should have ensured that she safely reached the place she was going. I suppose that these photographers working in war zones see horrible things, and perhaps become immuned to the pain and suffering around them, or they won't/can't deal with it. I know that I couldn't do that kind of work.
2009-04-12 09:25:27
Here is some info. on the Dead photographer. Apparently he had a serious drug problem, and seeing this kid wasn't the only reason he killed himself.
2009-04-12 09:12:37
This photo has been around a few times. Apparently, it's bogus...the photographer trying to make a name for himself...and still very much alive.
2009-04-12 06:03:18
A really sad photo, made even sadder by the thought that the photographer did not help the child, and then made the mistake of killing himself, it seems if he felt that strong about it, the least he could do is live to help some other child.