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Old Comments:

2011-08-31 10:11:53
Hm, BB, how to explain. Patito have same problem. His uploads under his "real" nick doesn't have a chance also. All I can do for you is a suggestion that you in the future do not mention Patito in your comments or uploads. Just keep posting not offending posts under your own nick regardless what will happen with them. BDW: Few years ago Patito pull the torn out my paw...
2011-08-31 07:41:12
I have a question for you peasant. First I want to state that I hold you in high regard. I enjoy the photos that you upload and you seem to enjoy uploading them and you don't seem driven by some ulterior motive. Your comments are usually very astute and to the point. You have often shown concern for others and have several times gone out of your way to be helpful to them. However, you do a complete about face when it comes to patito. You have been around for a long time and can obviously see through him. However, you continually support him. What kind of a hold does he have over you? Do you really think that it is fair, or responsible, the manner in which he has completely eliminated me from Pixdaus in the last four or five days and made it completely impossible for me to upload photos or to participate. I know that you don't agree with his perception of my photo uploads because one photo that he removed (and continues to remove again and again after I repost it) was kindly commented on by you and then added to your favorites.