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Old Comments:

2010-07-31 15:00:51
I posted a photo of a kitten for you scockal - cause I know that deep deep down you have a great affection for those adorable furballs.
2010-07-31 09:40:13
The average cat would probably kick your wimpy little butt and make you cry for your mommy. My cat would chew you up and spit you out.
2010-07-31 09:35:41
How about instead of that, I tie your cat in a sack and throw him from the Golden Gate Bridge!
2010-07-31 04:11:13
What is un-natural about cats? Aren't they part of nature ? Isn't our affection for them natural ? You need to go soak your head.
2010-07-31 04:05:26
Everything is nature on this site is limited to cats.?????Not saturated to bring here dozens of pictures of cats?You are crazy, folks............